Red Dawn Rising

Main article: Red Dawn Rising

40 years after the Second World War, the Soviets declare war upon the Allies and invade the United States from both sides of the country. The Allied Commander was tasked with defending the Pentagon from Soviet attacks.

Eagle Fly Free

Main article: Eagle Fly Free

With the initial invasion fought off, the Commander was sent to Colorado Springs in order to reclaim the Air Force Chapel after it was captured by Soviet forces. He would receive aid from Special Agent Tanya, the best commando that the United States had to offer.

Road Trippin'

Main article: Road Trippin'

After retrieving the Stormchild schematics, the Commander was rushed down to the US/Mexico border to deal with the first assault wave from the Latin Confederation. He would need to hold the line until reinforcements could arrive to assist.

Heaven and Hell

Main article: Heaven and Hell

With the initial attack beaten, the Commander was reassigned to the Mayport Naval Yards in Florida. From there, he would be tasked to retake the Port Authority building and drive the Soviet troops from the area.

Bad Apple

Main article: Bad Apple

After successfully retaking the Naval Yards, the Commander was sent off to New York City in order to investigate the disappearance of a US Recon team. The revelation that he would find there would make Allied Command assume the worst...

Beautiful Mind

Main article: Beautiful Mind

With the introduction of the Psychic Beacons, Allied Command ordered the Commander to head to Chicago in order to deal with a structure that could amplify the effect of the beacons. If activated, they could control the entire country!

Hammer to Fall

Main article: Hammer to Fall

With the launch of the MIDAS, and the utter devastation on Chicago, Pacific Front agents sent word of the location of a base that could contain the coordinates of several ICBM launchers. Special Agent Tanya and several other units were sent to recover the data.

Wrong Side

Main article: Wrong Side

With the data now in the hands of the Allies, they located the Topol-M launchers in Gelendzhik, Krasnodar Krai, Russia. Without delay, European Alliance forces made their plans to destroy the platforms before they could launch their deadly payload.

Zero Signal

Main article: Zero Signal

With the threat of nuclear strikes removed, the Euro Alliance began to take action in Europe. Their first step was to re-take a vital communications array in the Czechoslovakian Jizera Mountains and re-establish contact with their agents in the Pacific Front.

The Gardener

Main article: The Gardener

Now that communications were re-established with the Pacific Front, they got word that several KI Scientists were requiring evacuation from Kyoto, Japan. The Euro Alliance sent the Commander to retrieve the scientists before the Chinese could.

Panic Cycle

Main article: Panic Cycle

Due to some complications from the Chronosphere, the KI Scientists were sent several miles away from the SteinsTech Lab. The Commander was tasked with bringing the scientists to safety and then to defend the base from incoming Russian and Chinese forces.


Main article: Sunlight

With the loss of the Black Forest lab, the Chronosphere and the fall of Germany, the Allies had now retreated to the United Kingdom, hidden behind the Gladius Defense System. The Commander was tasked with holding the line against the Soviet onslaught. If he failed, the free world would be no more!

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