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Hours before the attack on the United States, Yuri sent his most trusted Proselyte to the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California. There, along with his agents, he would sabotage the Peacekeeper network and prevent the Americans from firing their nuclear ICBMs against the Soviet invasion force.


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After sabotaging the Peacekeeper network, the Proselyte was tasked with assisting an incompetent Soviet General with dealing with Euro Alliance forces in the Ukrainian Verecke Pass.


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While the Soviets dealt with Allied forces in Europe and the United States, PsiCorps decided to reach out for assistance from the most unlikely of places. The Proselyte was tasked with bringing the Scorpion Cell under their wing and swaying Rashidi to their cause.


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With Scorpion Cell on their side, they begun their plans on world domination. Meanwhile, the Proselyte was recalled back to the Americas, specifically, The Bahamas. He was tasked with eradicating the Allied naval fleet there using US tech so as not to reveal their true nature.

Human Shield

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After wiping out the US naval force in The Bahamas, the Proselyte, Yuri and PsiCorps were in big trouble. The Soviets suspected them of the theft of the Stalin's Fist and, as a result, took away their weapons protocol. Yuri tasked the Proselyte with tricking Soviet Command that the Allies were behind the theft.


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Once he tricked the Soviets into thinking that the Allies were using Spies to steal their tech, more bad news arrived. The Proselyte was tasked with recovering or destroying a prototype Construction Yard that had now fell under Allied control. Time was of the essence!

Think Different

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After making sure that the Allies couldn't get their hands on their tech, the Proselyte was sent over to the KI Complex in Kagoshima, Japan. Here, he would assume control over a Chinese base and steal technology from the Pacific Front in order to further their own plans.

Warranty Void

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Now that the tech from the KI Complex had been stolen, Yuri came up with more plans. He decided to give the ROC rebels a Psychic Beacon in order to enslave the PRC forces in the Xizang region. He hoped to weaken the Sino-Russian alliance by forcing them to fight one another. The Proselyte would carry out the task.

Killing Fields

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With the Beacon now controlling PRC divisions, bad news came up for PsiCorps. Rashidi had been captured and sent off to Guantanamo Bay in Cuba. The Proselyte was recalled to the area and begun a rescue mission to save Rashidi before he was lost forever.

Focus Shift

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The bad news began to pile up faster than it could be cleaned. While the Proselyte managed to save Rashidi from certain death, the Russians had found out about the Sino-Pacific Front treaty and the Chinese launched an all out attack across Far East Russia. The Proselyte immediately went to the Kemerovo Oblast region in order to escort the surviving MIDAS bombs to safety.


Main article: Singularity

Some time had passed after PsiCorps disbanded temporarily in order to hide their forces. The Russians had managed to fight off their Chinese attackers and now the Pacific Front & China were not very negotiable to one another. Tensions were high and Yuri found the perfect opportunity to break these two factions into all out war!


Main article: Moonlight

With the success of the Sino-Pacific Front treaty being broken, Yuri and PsiCorps began to make their move. They raided the Leninsk Cosmodrome in order to steal very important technology for their cause. For them, it was all or nothing. They would succeed or there would be no grand plan to the conquer the world at all!

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