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The PsiCorps division has been tasked with destroying the Peacekeeper ICBM silo compound on the Vandenberg Air Force Base in California in order to prevent the United States from retaliating against the impending Soviet invasion.


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With the Soviets beginning their march through Europe, PsiCorps must subvert a heavily guarded choke point, softening up the European Alliance's defense and granting the Russian tank divisions safer passage into Western Europe.


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Having 'borrowed' a Stalin's Fist prototype from the Russians, PsiCorps secretly meets with the leader of the terrorist group 'Scorpion Cell' in Cairo, who is willing to reverse engineer the machine in return for aid against the Allies in Africa.


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A fleet of Allied Aircraft Carriers has been mobilized in order to destroy the Soviet navy in the Atlantic Ocean. Yuri's PsiCorps must infiltrate and destroy the base from the inside to prevent the United States from gaining the upper hand in the sea.

Human Shield

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Suspecting the theft of their Stalin's Fist to be an inside job, the Russians have severely limited access to their weapons R&D. Without Soviet tech at their disposal, PsiCorps plots to steal older weapon designs to appropriate for themselves.


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The Allies have stormed one of Scorpion Cell's underground bunkers and seized the prototype MCV the terrorists were developing for PsiCorps. Now the stolen MCV must be destroyed before the Allies realize what they have captured and who's the real enemy.

Think Different

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In return for supplying a Psychic Beacon to China with which to suppress insurgents in their country, PsiCorps secretly makes a deal to have their troops transported to a Kanegawa Industries complex in order to steal certain technologies required for their next move.

Warranty Void

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In an attempt to undermine the Soviet alliance and weaken their forces, Yuri's PsiCorps sends an infantry squad to sabotage China's Psychic Beacon and place the blame squarely on Russia's shoulders when their forces arrive to take it out.

Killing Fields

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The leader of the Scorpion Cell has been captured by the Soviets shortly after the Cell's first operational MCV was delivered to Yuri. A rescue operation has been started to free him from the now Latin Confederation occupied Guantanamo Bay.

Focus Shift

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With the enemy closing in, PsiCorps intends to move the few remaining Topol-M units they secured to safety. The ICBM launchers will be escorted to a tunnel which leads to the underground Soviet base before enemy forces arrive.


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Russia's newest opponent has formed a non-aggression pact with the Pacific Front. In order to break the uneasy truce, Scorpion Cell has sent their best operatives to Korea to ignite the final spark that will set the Far East on fire.


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PsiCorps, now at the height of their strength, mobilizes their troops to capture the Leninisk Cosmodrome and steal its rocket tech for their own purposes. It is only a matter of time before Yuri reveals his true intentions to the world.