Bleed Red

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After 40 years, the glorious revolution could begin at its finest hour. The Soviet General, handpicked out of a selection of top graduates, was given the task of occupying New York City and destroying the Statue of Liberty.

Golden Gate

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While the East Coast was still broiling with war, the General was dispatched to the West Coast, specifically San Francisco. Here, he was tasked with capturing the city, eliminating the American presence and secure Alcatraz Island, a request from PsiCorps.

Happy Birthday

Main article: Happy Birthday

With the successful takeover of San Francisco, the General soon received word of the American president, Michael Dugan, heading for The Alamo. He was tasked with killing the US president with the best sharpshooter in the Latin Confederation: Colonel Morales!

Side Effect

Main article: Side Effect

While the war in the United States went well, in the Far East of Russia, things were turning out to be disastrous. The General was ordered back to Vladivostok in order to defend the harbor against a Pacific Front invasion, along with any Russian traitors that he might find.

Peace Treaty

Main article: Peace Treaty

With the Far East secured for the time being, the General was recalled back to the US in order to proceed with another objective: the subjugation of St Louis, Missouri. To accomplish this, he would need to defend a Psychic Beacon against a large Allied attack force.


Main article: Recharger

With the destruction of Chicago, things weren't turning out as well for the Soviets as one might believe. Due to paranoia, the General was locked out of the weapons protocol for the time being. To redeem him, his aides suggested destroying a Euro Alliance base in Paris to show the French the true fear of the Soviet Union.

Idle Gossip

Main article: Idle Gossip

Now that the base was destroyed, the General was informed about a "recovery" operation of US material being "supervised" by the Euro Alliance and Pacific Front on Devon Island in Canada. He immediately went there to find out what was happening between the three governments?

Death From Above

Main article: Death From Above

With the news that the Pacific Front and Euro Alliance were stealing American technology for themselves, the General soon received intel, from a mysterious source, that the Mercury Satellite Uplink was located in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. His task was to destroy the uplink and prevent the Pacific Front from ever using the satellite again.

Road to Nowhere

Main article: Road to Nowhere

After destroying the Mercury Satellite Uplink, the General was recalled back to Russia, specifically the Kemerovo Oblast region. Here, he would defend two Topol-M launchers against Euro Alliance attacks that planned on destroying the platforms.

The Lunatic

Main article: The Lunatic

With the destruction of the Black Forest lab and Chronosphere, Germany fell and the Allies retreated back to the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, the General was ordered by Soviet Command to destroy the Psychic Beacon controlling PRC forces in the Xizang region of China.


Main article: Unshakeable

After destroying the Beacon, and escaping the wrath of the Chinese, the General investigated why they were in denial of such of thing? When he arrived at Okawa Falls, he soon learnt the answer he was seeking...


Main article: Dragonstorm

With the discovery of the China-Pacific Front treaty, Chinese forces, along with PF troops, made their way to the region of Northern Primorsky Krai. The General was recalled back in order to deal with the dragon. If the Chinese succeed, they would become the new leader of the Soviet Union!

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