The Mermaid

Main article: The Mermaid

Using the chaos through the Soviet dominion as a diversion, Siegfried mounts a rescue operation on Tanya, who is imprisoned in Warsaw, Poland, with the help from the very first chrono backpack.

Puppet Master

Main article: Puppet Master

The Epsilon have taken over Rome and constructed a Psychic Amplifier that becomes a threat for Britain, where the Allied remnants are. They use the Chronosphere to proceed to Rome and destroy the Amplifier.

Stone Cold Crazy

Main article: Stone Cold Crazy

An Allied research facility developing the Barracuda bomber jet was taken over by the Russians, but is then seized by the Epsilon through their mind control technology. The Allies move in to recover the Barracuda prototype before the Epsilon can secure it.

Ghost Hunt

Main article: Ghost Hunt

The Scorpion Cell have erected another Psychic Amplifier in Morocco that becomes another threat to Britain. An Allied taskforce is sent to destroy the device by bringing an old American base back up and running again.


Main article: Bottleneck

It turns out that the Moroccan Psychic Amplifier was a distraction that allowed the Epsilon to invade London, forcing the Paradox Engine to be prematurely launched. The Commander is sent to the Isles of Scilly to clear the way for the Engine from Epsilon forces, with the newly debuting Chrono Legion.


Main article: Hysteria

As the Paradox Engine runs low on power, the Commander is sent to seize an Epsilon base in Tenerife, Canary Islands, and use the Bio Reactors there to recharge the Engine's battery to full strength so it can continue its flight.


Main article: Stormbringer

Contact was re-established with a Pacific Front base on the US Virgin Islands, where a device capable of manipulating weather patterns is being developed. In exchange for the technology that could aid the Allied cause, Siegfried and an European Alliance taskforce arrives to assist in the defense from the incoming PsiCorps and mind controlled Russian forces.


Main article: Paranoia

The Epsilon had built a Psychic Amplifier deep in the Amazonas rainforest to take control of either the Weather Control Device or the Paradox Engine. Tanya and Norio was sent to neutralize this threat, but Epsilon forces are everywhere and there are also two Tactical Nuke Silos that act as a "fail-deadly" deterrent if the Amplifier is destroyed before they do!


Main article: Relentless

A large Epsilon naval base in Cape Town, South Africa, that happens to be a vital communications hub for all of their operations worldwide, allows them to wrest control over the Atlantic Ocean and stands in the Paradox Engine's way. The Allies launch a massive attack to destroy the naval base and acquiring important intel on Epsilon communications.


Main article: Insomnia

This mission is not yet available in the current version of Mental Omega.


Main article: Withershins

This mission is not yet available in the current version of Mental Omega.


Main article: Hamartia

This mission is not yet available in the current version of Mental Omega.

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