The Conqueror

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Yuri decides to "announce" the Epsilon Army's existence in the hard way through an attack on the Soviet victory parade in Moscow with two goals: seizing the newly upgraded Topol-Ms and assassinating Premier Romanov.


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The Latin Confederation managed to keep a site of Cloning Vats intact at their European HQ in Zaragoza, Spain. The Proselyte was sent to the city in order to sabotage the vats by a genevirus that results in unexpected effects.

Memory Dealer

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A Psychic Beacon controlling Russian forces in Bran, Romania was somehow sabotaged, allowing them to capture a PsiCorps Research Junction developing a "mind control device on wheels". The Proselyte has to recapture the complex with one of the prototypes.


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An old Allied Chronosphere was stolen by the Soviets and taken to a research site in Bodensee, Germany. Malver and Rahn are deployed to assist the PsiCorps troops in the area and to steal the device from the Russians.


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Using the old Chronosphere, an Epsilon strike force with an Aerial Fortress Irkalla was teleported to London in order to strike the European Alliance from within and besiege the London Fortress where the SteinsTech research complex is located.

Lizard Brain

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After the Allies unleashed their secret weapon, the Epsilon start to lose momentum of their offensive. What's worse, a Scorpion Cell weapons facility is being targeted by the Allies, forcing the Proselyte to safely evacuate the prototypes of combat vehicles being developed for the Epsilon Army.

Dance of Blood

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Yuri decides to bring his trump card in order to turn the scales into the Epsilon's favor through a space shuttle set to land on Totoya Island in the South Pacific. However, the Chinese managed to learn about this and commenced an all-out attack on the island.


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Following the destruction of the Kashmir research facility, Yunru and the Centurion Siege Crawler is on the run and the Proselye is sent to make sure both of them is no more and no longer jeopardize the Epsilon's conquest.

Obsidian Sands

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Rashidi had lost his faith on Yuri's ideals and brought the Scorpion Cell to turn against the Epsilon cause. Yuri does not take this treachery kindly and sent his trump card along with a large force to crush the traitors under his wrath.


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The Allied forces have launched a massive invasion to Antarctica as a gambit to crush the Epsilon. While Yuri is bringing his plan to the final stage, the Proselyte must keep the Allies at bay before they can reach Yuri's ultimate weapon.

Reality Check

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This mission is not yet available in the current version of Mental Omega.


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This mission is not yet available in the current version of Mental Omega.