The Raven

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Now residing in the S.S.A., the General led the Soviet forces to watch over the land from Stalington with help from Reznov and Krukov just as the American rebels are moving in to attack the city with all they have.

Awake and Alive

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The General, now awake from his slumber and fortunately still alive, realized that things took an unexpected turn, leaving him and his forces surrounded by enemies on all sides. After Reznov and Krukov rescued him, the General must escape from Stalington in one piece.

Exist to Exit

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Morales was pursued by Epsilon forces intending to eliminate him. He sent a distress signal from Rio de Janeiro to the General, who moves in to rescue him with the limited forces he has.


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A Psychic Amplifier was sighted in the ruins of Chicago. Knowing that the device could turn the tide to their favor, the Soviets send a sizeable force to seize the Amplifier for their own use. However, they're in a race against time as the American rebels were intending to do the same.


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China wants to restore their previously broken relationship with Russia so they can defeat the Epsilon together. As both sides begin peace talks in Singapore, the PsiCorps intended to derail the negotiations with an all-out attack on the city.


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Recent intelligence reveals that the Chinese are producing new kind of weapons with the data recovered from Volkov. Since this obviously violates the Sino-Russian alliance's treaty, the General sent Reznov and Krukov to infiltrate the facility and destroy their weapons research.

Power Hunger

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Finding themselves in a desire to gain an upper hand against Yuri, the Russians, assisted by the Confederation, invade Shanghai, China, to seize China's advanced EMP and cybernetic technology they refused to share with by making the invasion looked like an Epsilon attack to cover up their tracks from the Chinese eyes.

Thread of Dread

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The Soviets discovered that the Chinese had developed an automated weapon and Iron Curtain-derived weaponry under the oversight of the young genius Yunru on a research facility in Kashmir. The Confederation deploys their forces to recover the last of China's advanced technologies, but they didn't expect that Yunru has many surprises up her sleeve...


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Despite the botched operation in Kashmir, the Soviets move on and focuses back to their main enemy: the Epsilon. After re-establishing connection with their satellite network, the Soviets found a space facility used by the Epsilon to transport personnel and material into and from the Moon. Curious on what could the Epsilon do in space, the Soviets launches an attack to take the facility.


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The shuttles turned out to be a method to transport Epsilon troops and materials to a large Epsilon base that have been built on the Moon's surface. The Russians launched their first space warfare over the Moon to crush the Epsilon lunar base, and find out more about Yuri's plans.

Fatal Impact

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This mission is not yet available in the current version of Mental Omega.

Death's Hand

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This mission is not yet available in the current version of Mental Omega.