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We shall have more fresh air.
- An Aeroblaze driver is going for his work
The Aeroblaze is a heavy anti-air unit used by the United States, capable of cutting down aircraft with ease by its accurate and deadly laser cannons.


Of all the known anti-aircraft systems, the Aeroblaze is probably the most feared and respected among pilots of all factions. Using incredibly powerful and accurate 'Quasar' laser cannons to reduce any and all aircraft to scrap metal, there is no aircraft that can out-maneuver the vehicle's weaponry once it has locked onto its target. This immense power comes at a price though: the Aeroblaze has to keep its guns trained skyward to keep the advanced tracking systems from malfunctioning, making it vulnerable to all other adversaries.




  • Very effective against aircraft.
  • Powerful lasers hit targets instantly and accurately.
  • One of the faster anti-air specialists.

  • Completely defenseless against ground attacks.
  • Cannot fire on the move.
  • Not very durable.
  • Fairly expensive Tier 3 unit ($1450).


The Aeroblaze is voiced by soLoKii.

When selected

  • Lasers, to keep the sky clean.
  • Aeroblaze, at your service.
  • Targeting systems on standby.
  • Eyes towards the sky.
  • Constant vigilance.
  • Pinpoint their airforce for me.

When ordered to move

  • Then I'll blaze around there.
  • As you ordered.
  • Recalibrating.
  • Under my guard.
  • No problems here.
  • We shall have more fresh air.

When ordered to attack

  • Cut 'em clean.
  • It's almost beautiful in a way.
  • Give 'em a laser show.
  • Acquiring target.
  • Heavy rain expected.



  • Azri_Apoc is credited as the voxel artist for Aeroblaze.
  • The Aeroblaze in v2.0 uses the voices of Avenger from Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour.
  • The Aeroblaze bears a resemblance to T-55AM Marksman.

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