The Air Force Command Headquarters is an important Allied structure which allows them to use fighters to provide air support, radar map and satellite scans to survey the battlefield.


The Air Force Command Headquarters not only provides a commander with the radar mini-map, but also allows a commander to build and house up to 4 Allied aircraft. The Air Force Command Headquarters enables more advanced technology as well. This structure also allows the commander to use a satellite scan to reveal shrouded parts of the battlefield. The more Air Force Command Headquarters a commander has on the field, the faster aircraft are built.


The Air Force Command Headquarters provides the following reconnaissance power to supplement its role as a radar:

Icon Support Power Description
Satellite Scan A shrouded portion of the battlefield is revealed instantly. This support power comes with no cost but needs 4:00 to recharge.

The Air Force Command Headquarters also builds and rearms the following aircraft:


Icon Unit Requirements Role
Stormchild none
  • United States' fighter jet
  • Armed with Maverick missiles that are decent against vehicles and laser guns to burn infantry
  • Has 2 ammunition that both weapons consume when firing
  • Invisible on radar
Harrier none
  • European Alliance's fighter jet
  • Armed with High Explosive Anti Tank missiles that are exceptional against enemy armor
  • Missiles reduce the target's armor by 40% due to its lethality
  • Has 2 ammunition
Black Eagle none
  • Pacific Front's fighter jet
  • Armed with cryo missiles that are effective against anything on the ground
  • Has no special abilities, but makes up for it with superior performance in speed, armor and firepower
  • Has 2 ammunition
Barracuda Tech Center
  • Allies' structure bomber
  • Armed with Venus missiles that turn buildings into rubble in seconds
  • Has 2 ammunition
  • Invisible on radar
Hummingbird Experimental Warpshop
  • Allies' support aircraft
  • Armed with a special chrono weapon that significantly weakens the enemy's speed and firepower
  • Has 2 ammunition

Stolen Tech

Icon Unit Requirements Role
  • Allies' heavy bomber with stolen EMP technology from the Soviets
  • Armed with a single EMP/Fuel hybrid bomb designed to crush Soviet armor (or disable them with EMP if they survive) in a single run



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