The War Factory is yet another important structure for the Allies which are responsible for producing Allied vehicles.


If the Construction Yard is the brain of a base, and the Ore Refinery is the heart, then the War Factory is the muscle. The Allied War Factory allows the commander to manufacture Allied vehicles. The more War Factories a commander has on the field, the faster vehicles are built.


The Allied War Factory builds the following vehicles/aircraft:

Standard vehicles

Icon Unit Requirements Description
Chrono Miner Allied Ore Refinery
  • Allies' ore miner
  • Can teleport to Ore Refineries instantly when fully loaded with ore or manually ordered
  • Harvests and unloads ore equivalent to 500 credits (1000 for gems)
Robot Tank none
  • Allies' robotic scout and detector
  • Armed with a laser cannon that is effective against infantry
  • Detects stealth and disguised enemies
  • Amphibious
Humvee none (Act One Allied campaign)
  • USAicon United States' recon and transport vehicle
  • Armed with a HMG that is effective against infantry
  • Has 2 passenger slots
  • Replaces Robot Tank in Act One Allied campaign missions
Stryker IFV none
  • USAicon United States' multipurpose combat vehicle
  • Armed with Mist missiles that can bring down light aircraft with ease
  • Has 1 passenger slot
  • Infantry can integrate their weapon in the Stryker thanks to the Adaptation System
  • Fastest of all the Allied IFVs
Bulldog Light Tank none
  • USAicon United States' main battle tank
  • Armed with a 90mm cannon to combat enemy vehicles
  • Can fire flashbangs at infantry to reduce their firepower
Archon AMC none
  • EAicon European Alliance's multipurpose combat vehicle
  • Armed with Mist missiles that are strong versus aircraft
  • Has 1 passenger slot
  • Infantry can integrate their weapon in the Archon thanks to the Adaptation System
  • Most durable of all the Allied IFVs
Cavalier Medium Battle Tank none
  • EAicon European Alliance's main battle tank
  • Armed with a 105mm Winder cannon that is effective against vehicles
  • Firing rate increases the longer it fires
Tsurugi none
  • PFicon Pacific Front's multipurpose combat walker
  • Armed with Mist missiles that is effective against aircraft
  • Has 1 passenger slot
  • Infantry can integrate their weapon in the Tsurugi thanks to the Adaptation System
  • Immune to poison and radiation
  • Higher passenger survivability rate than other IFVs
Kappa Hover Tank none
  • PFicon Pacific Front's main battle tank
  • Armed with a 105mm cannon to pierce through enemy armor
  • Amphibious
Allied MCV Air Force Command Headquarters
Mirage Tank Shield Command
  • EAicon European Alliance's advanced anti-armor tank
  • Its Kinetic Energy Penetrator cannon can swiftly destroy enemy vehicles
  • Disguises as a tree when stationary
Zephyr Robot Ops Control Center
  • PFicon Pacific Front's anti-armor artillery
  • Its 120mm howitzer is powerful against armor divisions
  • Can perform a long range bombardment if a Zephyrobot is deployed
Abrams Tank
  • USAicon United States' heavy assault tank
  • Armed with 125mm cannon against vehicular threats and twin Saturn laser cannons to burn infantry
Athena Cannon
  • USAicon United States' siege vehicle
  • Can call down focused Mercury orbital strikes to raze enemy structures
  • Receives increased firepower if a Mercury Strike support power is deployed close to it
  • USAicon United States' dedicated anti-air vehicle
  • Its Quasar lasers are deadly accurate against enemy aircraft
Charon Tank
  • EAicon European Alliance's heavy tank
  • Its Neutron cannon can erase any ground threat (except buildings) instantly
Prism Tank
  • EAicon European Alliance's siege vehicle
  • Its prism refractors are destructive against enemy fortifications and soldiers
Battle Tortoise
  • PFicon Pacific Front's heavy assault armored personnel carrier
  • Armed with a machine gun and rocket launchers by default
  • Has 4 passenger slots; passengers can fire from the Battle Tortoise
  • Able to crush most infantry and vehicles
  • PFicon Pacific Front's artillery
  • Unarmed, but instead launches a Hailhitter bomber to engage enemy structures
Blizzard Tank
  • PFicon Pacific Front's advanced anti-infantry and anti-aircraft vehicle
  • Armed with a Thermal Inversion cannon to rapidly freeze infantry and aircraft armor alike
  • Weapon halves the speed of ground targets

Standard Aircraft

Icon Unit Requirements Description
Stallion Transport Air Force Command Headquarters
  • Allies' flying transport
  • Has 6 passenger slots
  • Invisible on radar
  • Unarmed
Warhawk Mercury Uplink
  • USAicon United States' assault helicopter
  • Armed with a Nova laser cannon that slices through infantry and vehicles
  • Has a target painter that reduces the armor of enemies for a limited time
Thor Gunship
  • EAicon European Alliance's aerial heavy gunship
  • Calls down lightning bolts via Mjölnir beacon that vaporizes infantry and aircraft
  • Receives a damage boost when nearby a Lightning Rod
  • Deploy to increase the armor of nearby friendly units while reducing their speed to emphasize defensive tactics
Cryocopter Tech Center
  • Allies' support helicopter
  • Armed with a cryo beam that slowly enemy ground threats until they are completely frozen
  • Frozen objects cannot act and take more damage from attacks

Stolen Tech

Icon Unit Requirements Description
  • Allies' chrono assault tank and transport taken from Stolen Tech
  • Armed with the Phalanx Guided Missile Battery that is effective against nearly everything
  • Can teleport anywhere instantly, but takes time to reform completely, depending on distance
  • Has a single passenger slot; passenger can only exit once the Quickshifter has fully reformed
Chrono Prison
  • Allies' specialized vehicle out of Allied chrono technology and Epsilon psychic technology
  • Capable of abducting enemy vehicles, then converts its victims to fight for the Allies
Future Tank Alpha
  • Allies' advanced anti-armor robotic tank with Foehn-derived particle collider and robotic technology
  • Armed with twin experimental beam cannons, twin particle colliders and HE grenades that are extremely powerful against enemy vehicles
  • Detects stealth
  • Invisible on radar
  • Immune to radiation, mind control, hijacking and poison

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