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The War Factory is yet another important structure for the Allies which are responsible for producing Allied vehicles.

Official description

If the Construction Yard is the brain of a base, and the Ore Refinery is the heart, then the War Factory is the muscle. The Allied War Factory allows the commander to manufacture Allied vehicles. The more War Factories a commander has on the field, the faster vehicles are built.[1]


The Allied War Factory builds the following vehicles/aircraft:

Standard vehicles

Icon Unit Requirements Description
Chrono Miner Allied Ore Refinery
  • Allies' ore miner
  • Can teleport to Ore Refineries instantly when fully loaded with ore or manually ordered
  • Harvests and unloads ore equivalent to 500 credits (1000 for gems)
Robot Tank none
  • Allies' robotic scout and detector
  • Armed with a laser cannon that is effective against infantry
  • Detects stealth and disguised enemies
  • Amphibious
Humvee none (Act One Allied campaign)
  • USAicon United States' recon and transport vehicle
  • Armed with a HMG that is effective against infantry
  • Has 2 passenger slots
  • Replaces Robot Tank in Act One Allied campaign missions
Stryker IFV none
  • USAicon United States' multipurpose combat vehicle
  • Armed with Mist missiles that can bring down light aircraft with ease
  • Has 1 passenger slot
  • Infantry can integrate their weapon in the Stryker thanks to the Adaptation System
  • Fastest of all the Allied IFVs
Bulldog Light Tank none
  • USAicon United States' main battle tank
  • Armed with a 90mm cannon to combat enemy vehicles
  • Can fire flashbangs at infantry to reduce their firepower
Archon AMC none
  • EAicon European Alliance's multipurpose combat vehicle
  • Armed with Mist missiles that are strong versus aircraft
  • Has 1 passenger slot
  • Infantry can integrate their weapon in the Archon thanks to the Adaptation System
  • Most durable of all the Allied IFVs
Cavalier Medium Battle Tank none
  • EAicon European Alliance's main battle tank
  • Armed with a 105mm Winder cannon that is effective against vehicles
  • Firing rate increases the longer it fires
Tsurugi none
  • PFicon Pacific Front's multipurpose combat walker
  • Armed with Mist missiles that is effective against aircraft
  • Has 1 passenger slot
  • Infantry can integrate their weapon in the Tsurugi thanks to the Adaptation System
  • Immune to poison and radiation
  • Higher passenger survivability rate than other IFVs
Kappa Hover Tank none
  • PFicon Pacific Front's main battle tank
  • Armed with a 105mm cannon to pierce through enemy armor
  • Amphibious
Allied MCV Air Force Command Headquarters
Mirage Tank Shield Command
  • EAicon European Alliance's advanced anti-armor tank
  • Its Kinetic Energy Penetrator cannon can swiftly destroy enemy vehicles
  • Disguises as a tree when stationary
  • Deploy to hold fire until ordered to undeploy
Zephyr Robot Ops Control Center
  • PFicon Pacific Front's anti-armor artillery
  • Its 120mm howitzer is powerful against armor divisions
  • Can perform a long range bombardment if a Zephyrobot is deployed
Abrams Tank
  • USAicon United States' heavy assault tank
  • Armed with 125mm cannon against vehicular threats and twin Saturn laser cannons to burn infantry
Athena Cannon
  • USAicon United States' siege vehicle
  • Can call down focused Mercury orbital strikes to raze enemy structures
  • Receives increased firepower if a Mercury Strike support power is deployed close to it
  • USAicon United States' dedicated anti-air vehicle
  • Its Quasar lasers are deadly accurate against enemy aircraft
Charon Tank
  • EAicon European Alliance's heavy tank
  • Its Neutron cannon can erase any ground threat (except buildings) instantly
Prism Tank
  • EAicon European Alliance's siege vehicle
  • Its prism refractors are destructive against enemy fortifications and soldiers
Battle Tortoise
  • PFicon Pacific Front's heavy assault armored personnel carrier
  • Armed with a machine gun and rocket launchers by default
  • Has 4 passenger slots; passengers can fire from the Battle Tortoise
  • Able to crush most infantry and vehicles
  • PFicon Pacific Front's artillery
  • Unarmed, but instead launches a Hailhitter bomber to engage enemy structures
Blizzard Tank
  • PFicon Pacific Front's advanced anti-infantry and anti-aircraft vehicle
  • Armed with a Thermal Inversion cannon to rapidly freeze infantry and aircraft armor alike
  • Weapon halves the speed of ground targets

Standard aircraft

Icon Unit Requirements Description
Stallion Transport Air Force Command Headquarters
  • Allies' flying transport
  • Has 6 passenger slots
  • Invisible on radar
  • Unarmed
Warhawk Mercury Network Uplink
  • USAicon United States' assault helicopter
  • Armed with a Nova laser cannon that slices through infantry and vehicles
  • Has a target painter that reduces the armor of enemies for a limited time
Thor Gunship
  • EAicon European Alliance's aerial heavy gunship
  • Calls down lightning bolts via Mjölnir beacon that vaporizes infantry and aircraft
  • Receives a damage boost when nearby a Lightning Rod
  • Deploy to increase the armor of nearby friendly units while reducing their speed to emphasize defensive tactics
Cryocopter Tech Center
  • Allies' support helicopter
  • Armed with a cryo beam that slowly enemy ground threats until they are completely frozen
  • Frozen objects cannot act and take more damage from attacks

Stolen Tech

Icon Unit Requirements Description
  • Allies' chrono assault tank and transport taken from Stolen Tech
  • Armed with the Phalanx Guided Missile Battery that is effective against nearly everything
  • Can teleport anywhere instantly, but takes time to reform completely, depending on distance
  • Has a single passenger slot; passenger can only exit once the Quickshifter has fully reformed
Chrono Prison
  • Allies' specialized vehicle out of Allied chrono technology and Epsilon psychic technology
  • Capable of abducting enemy vehicles, then converts its victims to fight for the Allies
Future Tank Alpha
  • Allies' advanced anti-armor robotic tank with Foehn-derived particle collider and robotic technology
  • Armed with twin experimental beam cannons, twin particle colliders and HE grenades that are extremely powerful against enemy vehicles
  • Detects stealth
  • Invisible on radar
  • Immune to radiation, mind control, hijacking and poison


Act One

  • The Allied War Factory first appears as a buildable structure in Red Dawn Rising alongside the other Allied buildings, at the beginning of the Third Great War.

See also


  1. Allied Structures page on the official Mental Omega website