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Burn, baby, BURN!!
- An Arsonist enjoys being a twisted firestarter
The Arsonist is an infiltration unit used by the Latin Confederation whose aim is to secretly set enemy bases on fire.


Somewhere between the wicked Crazy Ivans and the careful Saboteurs are the Arsonists, Latin Confederation's masters of silent and unexpected building demolition. Capable of wearing a disguise just like the Saboteur or Allied Spy, Arsonists can get past enemy defenses and forces that fail to see through his trickery, before setting anything he sees ablaze. The Arsonist is especially useful for wreaking havoc in bases which are not well protected as it is guaranteed to take down at least a building or two if successful. The Arsonist will not lose his disguise while setting things on fire; however, an Engineer might be able to get rid of the napalm charge before it is set off.




  • Can disguise himself as an enemy infantry unit and secretly set enemy buildings on fire to create havoc in the enemy base.
  • Resistant to fire.
  • Successful arsons are guaranteed to destroy fragile buildings like Power Plants.
  • Fire lasts for awhile, can spread around and damage nearby units.
  • Using transports can help Arsonists travel across difficult obstacles and save time.
  • Unlike Crazy Ivan's bomb Napalm Charges do NOT have any indication or ticking noise for any kind of notification when they were plant and set of, making enemy player to actively searching for the charges with an engineer.

  • Very fragile.
  • Can only target structures.
  • Napalm charges takes time to activate.
  • Napalm charges can be detected and defused by enemy engineers.
  • DogsSpooksClairvoyantsRobot TanksTerror DronesFury DronesChitzkoi, Stingers, Roadrunners and Soviet Sensor Towers can detect disguised Arsonists.
  • Even without being detected, it can still be crushed by enemy miners or tanks.
  • If detected by the enemy commander, any unit can be ordered to kill the Arsonist.
  • A lot of micromanagement is required to guide him safely into the enemy base.
  • Walls are obstacles for keeping out Arsonists from targeting structures.


The Arsonist is voiced by George "Seòras" Exley.

When selected

  • Am I... awaited?
  • Arsonist, at your disposal.
  • Ashes to ashes.
  • Need a light?
  • What a lovely day!
  • I live, I die!

When ordered to move

  • I walk eternal.
  • I'm coming.
  • A moment, please.
  • Creeping in.
  • In silence.
  • The party is set.

When ordered to set napalm charges

  • Burn, baby, BURN!
  • Witness me!
  • Set them ablaze!
  • A beautiful glow!
  • The fire rises!
  • Shiny and chrome!

When ordered to disguise

  • I like his style.
  • New clothes.
  • Look at me.
  • That will be my face.

​When under fire

  • I'll live again!


Behind the scenes

  • The Arsonist replaces the Hijacker which belongs to the Confederation in 3.0.

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