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The uprising against the Soviet dominion continues but events take an unexpected turn and don't leave the Red Army with too many choices. Two brave Soviet colonels arrive on the battlefield to save the situation.
- Mission description

Operation: Awake and Alive is the second mission in Soviet Act Two campaign. After the unexpected events in the previous mission, the Soviet General find himself awake as a prisoner in the Epsilon captive. With help from Colonels Reznov and Krukov, he must escape from the now-occupied Stalington alive.


There's no time to explain. You must survive and get out of the city.

The two Colonels who were sent to collect you must not be killed, they are the key to your survival.

Objective: Run.



The Soviet General wakes up with some of his men, in a cell and under the captive of mysterious soldiers as well as some apparently rogue Soviet soldiers. Within moments of arising, the guard around the camp is quickly demolished. Reznov and Krukov, assisted by some Russian soldiers, have come to save him. After apologizing to the General that they're late, they told him that they need to move quickly, and the two will explain on the way.

The General and his men follows Reznov and Krukov in their escape, killing some pursuers that tries to stop them. Just as they are about to cross a bridge, one of the loyalists noticed a Virus trying to assassinate the General! Krukov said that the bridge has been rigged to blow, and destroying the nearby dumpster will trigger the explosives. One of the loyalist Pyros destroyed the dumpster, causing the bridge to explode and killing some pursuers as it collapses. Reznov told the group to keep moving, as the broken bridge won't hold the attackers for long.

One of the loyalists saw a patrol heading to the road they were on; the General quickly ordered everyone to get off the road. Reznov noticed a watch tower guarded by hostiles in the distance and shoots the barrels around it, taking them all out. At this point, more Russian soldiers in hiding noticed the General, allowing him to sigh in relief as they are friendly and gladly supports the General in his escape. The group continues to move, but the next bridge is protected by a hostile blockade. Fortunately a loyalist Crazy Ivan is nearby and he attempts to reach the other side of the blockade to clear it, but he need to make haste, as the Virus from earlier is resuming her hunt on the General!

Owing the General explanation about the events, Reznov and Krukov told him that Yuri, the traitor, has resurfaced and taken over the city; Reznov states he is using the American rebels to weaken Stalington's defenses, while Krukov states that the troops arriving to reinforce Stalington was already under Yuri's control. They also told the General that Yuri has already built a large force with which he launched simultaneous attacks around the world.

Clearing the path

MO3 Awake and Alive Outpost

The outpost

After the intense run, they arrived at an air force outpost for the Kirov Command Airship and took over the Airbase, Battle Bunker and Wolfhounds there. When the General embarked on the command airship, two colonels and other loyalists immediately launched their securing operation.

Before the General can be evacuated by air, the 2 Colonels and the surviving troops move on to disable or destroy the anti-air installations of Russian base, American base and Pentagon in the city. Now running with Epsilon soldiers as well as brainwashed Soviet and Americans, a combination of quick strikes and sheath was needed to assure that their objective will be completed. At the time the General was safely in the Airbase whom help the 2 Colonels by directing orders for proper coordination. In the west, they chose to destroy Allied Power Plants to shut off the power of Patriot Missile Sites and they freed some Confederation prisoners in the base; In the south, they had to destroy the Soviet base which used to be the General's, full of Epsilon flags at present. They also rescued captive Soviet soldiers whom resisted mind control and join to their cause during the way; In the east, other loyalists destroyed Epsilon Radar Spires in order to prevent the enemy to call for more reinforcements. Then, they rescued some American remnants whom said that they would join them and listen to their command after the loyalists eliminated all enemy forces around them; In the southeast, Foxtrots launched missiles at barrels near Tesla Reactors and the power of Gatling Cannons were shut down before they found it surprising that the Pentagon had become ruins and the Epsilon forces built a Psychic Beacon on it.

Flight from Stalington

Just as the General's command airship finally reached the determined escape point, Reznov and Krukov contacted him as he set off, stating that they will stay in the S.S.A. to continue their fight against Yuri's forces. Reznov and Krukov also asked the General to organize a resistance against the traitor and find out what he is planning, and bids their farewell, hoping that they will meet again.

Just as the General's command airship entered the waters, the pilot noticed a large fleet of Soviet forces are moving their way. The fleet contacted the airship to inform that they are friendly and asks them what is going on and who is on board.


You're back. Yuri shouldn't be able to control you anymore. This was but a matter of time, our dominion has being fragile all along and Yuri has being undermining it ever since we invaded the United States. No matter, we had to fight to take it all back under control.
- Battlefield report

Now that he had reached a safe place where Yuri won't be able to mess with his mind anymore, the General was welcomed well by the Soviet command. His advisors also revealed that Yuri have been undermining the Soviet dominion in America from the beginning, which makes it fragile, allowing him to take over Stalington, and by extension, the whole S.S.A. in a single stroke.

The General also receives word that Moscow is in shambles, Premier Romanov is dead and Russia is in chaos. Furthermore, the Confederation's attempt to stabilize the situation by taking command of the Soviet troops fails after their European headquarters was razed to the ground by giant, mutated humans and a supersoldier created by the Epsilon.

Sometime later, the General receives a distress message from Morales, who has been cornered in Rio de Janeiro and requesting a rescue...

Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 8000


  • Starting credits: 5500


  • Starting credits: 3000

Starting music

This music track always plays when beginning the mission. It can be changed in the Sounds menu.

  • "Banished" - Viratia - 3:28 (Listen)


  • The music used in the mission's loading screen is Sewers (Alternative link) (named Volkov Ambient in the game files) by Fr0zEnPh0eNiX, which is also used in Archetype and Eclipse.
  • There is a random crate in the upper right corner of the map with a high chance of spawning a random vehicle.