It's over Anakin! I've got the high ground!

    --Obi-Wan Kenobi, in a multiplayer duel on Mustafar, 19 BBY

    After having been defeated on the fortress maps for several times, I took some time to look into the range bonus mechanics of Mental Omega. The system itself is identical to Yuri's Revenge, but MO introduces many more new weapons to look into.

    Some ingame weapon receives a range bonus when fired from a position higher than its target. A weapon benefits from such bonus only if:

    • Its projectile has SubjectToElevation=yes and is not an airburst projectile.
    • The weapon has Lobber=no, the payload is not fired in a hyperbolic trajectory.
    • Neither the weapon carrier nor the target is an aircraft.
    • The weapon does not have Warhead=Special, it is not a roc…

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    Name Affiliation Remarks
    Tesla Russia In RA universe, Nikola Tesla works for the Soviets
    Nuclear power & Irradiation Russia -> China Discovered by RU then emphasized by CN
    Iron Curtain Russia Since Red Alert 1.
    Flak ??? FlaK (Flugabwehrgeschütz) is a German word invented in WWII. It shouldn't even have appeared in the RA universe since Einstein erased Hitler from time
    Smoke warfare Latin Confederation

    Flame weapon Russia Since Red Alert 1, despite the fact that CN possesses Armadillo, heavier version of Borillo
    Incendiary weaponry Latin Confederation To be distinguished from flame weapons, incendiary weapons leave flames on the ground
    EMP China Tesla Tank and Volkov's EMPs are only side effects and not exploited on purpose
    Cybernetics Ru…

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    Name Affiliation Remarks
    Prism European Alliance

    Mercury United States This might include other satellite utilities such as Satellite Scan
    Ligntning European Alliance The Weather Storm Device Project is initiated by EA and finished by PF
    Robot Pacific Front The Robot Tank's laser weapon comes from US arsenal, while its hull is made in PF
    Thermal Inversion Pacific Front

    Chrono European Alliance

    Laser (red) United States

    Flashbang United States This might ultimately lead to LB's power cannon or/and HE grenade weapon
    Cryo Pacific Front

    Name Affiliation Remarks
    Rocketeer Pacific Front Type-42K HMG corresponds to typical Japanese nomination style which stands for either 42 Showa Era (1967) or imperial year 2642 (1982), while t…

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  • Nikitazero

    Upcoming new admin election

    September 14, 2017 by Nikitazero

    Because I am now handling two wikis for two different CnC mods at the same time, this Mental Omega APYR Wiki and the Rise of the Reds Wiki, I am considering to elect a new admin for the wiki to handle everything in my absence.

    However, as I didn't have the bureaucrat rights yet for this wiki, I have requested to be granted bureaucrat rights for the Mental Omega APYR Wiki so that I can promote a user to a new admin. Until then I have to wait.

    For now, to all active editors in the Mental Omega APYR Wiki, just keep editing and remember to follow the wiki's policies and guidelines so that I might pick any of you as fitting and promising candidates for the admin position.


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  • CyborgGOAT

    just asking if this wikia will add information from 2.0 as old content or not? 

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    Mental Omaga uses the original RA2/TS armor type system. However based on the original system, Mental Omega introduces lots of special armor cases in order to enable various unit abilities, such as hazard immunity, clear garrison, Quetzal Shield and Haihead sibling's rapid healing.

    There are a total of 11 basic armor types in Red Alert 2 and Mental Omega. Among which 3 types are designated for infantry, 3 for vehicles, aircraft and warships, 3 for structures, and 2 special types.

    Armor Type  Description Notable Users
    None Infantry without protection Dogs and Spooks, Engineers
    Flak Soldiers with basic armor GIs, Flak Troopers, Rocketeers, Huntresses, Tanya, Norio, Morales, Yunru, Libra, Malver
    Plate Heavily armored troopers designated to…

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    20171103: Corrected Foehn EMP to its official name Blackout. The title is impossible to edit though.

    Foehn's Blackout can cause a bug which disables production permanently even after the Blackout effect is over.

    This note is based on Mental Omega version 3.3.2.

    The bug can be produced by Blackout effect from any sources including Haihead Blackout Missile support power, Raccoons's beam and Ramwagons' deploy weapon.

    The lock down happens at the moment when the Blackout effect on a production structure wear off:

    • If its owner is low on power at this moment, the structure will be "locked" (disabled permanently). A disabled structure can neither be assigned ready points nor be set as primary.
    • If its owner has sufficient power supply at this moment, the …

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    Malver's appearance in mission Obsidian Sands has long been a myth. Some on the forum reports spotting Malver appeared out of nowhere and slew Libra and Rahn with ease. Some even claims that he's invulnerable. By studying the map files, this blog presents you the ultimate response to this question.

    For better comprehension, basic knowledge on Red Alert 2 INI format and map system is needed. This wiki helps: [1]

    The blog is completely based on officially released files and does not contain any leaked or encrypted data. Releasing leaked/decrypted/modified files is forbidden by MentalMeisters.

    Spoilers Alert:

    Too late :D Malver appears on this map, but only the best (or luckiest) players can see him.

    Obsidian Sands is a mission released in 3.3.2. Its …

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  • Nikitazero

    After a long wait, Mental Omega Patch 3.3.2 is finally released!

    You can download it automatically through the Mental Omega client, or if somehow you can't, the manual patch can be downloaded here.

    The patch was released just as a developer playthrough video of Obsidian Sands is released:

    The patch's changelog can be seen here.

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  • Nikitazero

    A developer playthrough video on the upcoming Soviet mission, Power Hunger, was released.

    What do you think about the mission?

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  • Nikitazero

    On the wiki

    July 10, 2017 by Nikitazero

    To all editors of MO Wiki, first I want to apologize for my relatively long absence since I was pre-occupied with other activities, although I remain watchful to the wiki nonetheless.

    Because recently a certain person is adding leaked information about unreleased missions (see Paranoia's edit history), I've decided to disable unlogged edits on the MO Wiki, which means that only registered and logged users who can edit here, while unlogged users can only see the wiki but not edit them in any way. I also want to remind that no matter whether they are valid or not, NEVER add any leaked information on MO until they can be confirmed by official releases; violators will be punished harshly.

    I've also enabled the chat feature just in case anyone wa…

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  • Eric.gleek


    Due to the recent changes in Stone Cold Crazy's wiki page , I added a new section to point out any errors found in some missions, the Errata section. Please watch of videos containing Mental Omega campaign playthoughs to point out errors and record in a one mission's wiki page at a time.

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    Game Speed 0 1 2 3 4 (normal) 5 6
    Frame per (real) second 10 12.5 15.625 20.833 31.25 62.5 ∞
    in-game/real speed ratio 0.667 0.833 1.042 1.389 2.083 4.167 ∞

    1 ingame second = 15 frames


    A Nuke takes 10 in-game minutes (600 in-game seconds) to recharge. That is equal to 15 * 600 = 9000 Frames.

    Which means it will take 9000 / 31.25 = 288 seconds (4.8 minutes) in real life to recharge a nuke at game speed 4, or 720 seconds (12 minutes) at game speed 1.

    PACERRECAP (talk) 22:12, July 27, 2017 (UTC)

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  • JeagerEX12

    Anyways we had already a campaign missions like the Soviet Mission in YR "To The Moon" and it's remake which is called "Earthrise" that will be available in the future updates, not in version 3.3.2.

    Since there is no Allies in every space missions but only Soviets and Yuri's Army which can both train Cosmonauts as an alternative infantry.

    However, for my opinion , the Space Warfare mode could be a bad idea to me because it could ruin the entire mod. And also this mode will reminds me of those in StarCraft.

    Perhaps that could not make any sense because it's very hard to develope for this.

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  • JeagerEX12

    I'm just want to tell you guys that those epic units like the Centurion Siege Crawler, Irkalla, and MADMAN are considered as a non-infantry hero units? I'm just confused because they can be built only one in Skirmish mode but in the campaign aren't.

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  • JeagerEX12

    When you go to Yuri's page, you will see this unit next to Yuri in the right. I don't know if this hero unit could be either one of Yuri's second-in-command or a commander of the Epsilon Headquarters?

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  • JeagerEX12

    I mostly enjoyed these units when I played this game in Skirmish mode.

    Now here's my opinion.


    Best: Chrono Prison

    Worst: Quickshifter


    Best: Apocalypse Tank or Iron Dragon

    Worst: Syckle


    Best: All of them

    Worst: None


    Best: Ramwagon

    Worst: Archelon

    Now what's yours.

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  • Eric.gleek

    Also, the Challenge redlinks are found on the article (currently 9 in total) are important to make articles such as Freedom or Purgatory.

    Any redlinks found on any articles must be necessarily observed before you make an article from the redlink, one by one. (appoximately 60 redlinks in all articles in total)

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  • 0FreeIcecream

    Just going to use this as a quick tip for anyone wanting to add videos. If you've tried to add one, I'm sure you've seen what they look like, so I'm just going to teach you guys how to add videos to galleries so that they look alright.

    So first, load in a video you want to where you want it (Say, a walkthrough section).  After that jump straight to code view (you can find it through the thick lines next to cancel and you should be greeted to something like this, but with [[]] on each side:

    File:This is a video|thumb|right|335 px

    Flip off Everything before and after the videos name so we get just the name

    This is a video

    And add the following tags (Without ' marks).  Do this before and after so it looks like this in code

    And you should get some…

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  • Bot Rot

    Challenge strategies

    March 3, 2017 by Bot Rot

    Since there are plenty of challenges that version 3.3.1 has to offer so far, perhaps we could expand their pages by adding strategies (from just tips like chokepoint locations to extremely detailed walkthroughs such as timely build orders, up to you)? Of course, it would be divided per faction and/or even difficulty if someone has the guts to try out the Medium/Hard Challenges and share their experiences while doing so. What are your thoughts on this suggestion?

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  • Konodere

    Screenshot Album

    February 25, 2017 by Konodere

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  • 0FreeIcecream

    About maps

    February 12, 2017 by 0FreeIcecream

    So, no efforts have been made into this category, so I want to know how we plan on tackling this.  Right now, we have a maps redlink, a redlink to Tiki Torture and no idea how we plan on organizing this beyond this step.  I have my own idea of how to do this, but I want to see if anyone else wants to pip up or give their own pitch on how to do this.

    So, what I propose for maps is that we create the maps page as a kind of hub for the different map types (by gamemode) and a light description of what they are.  Each one links to a verbose description of the gamemode, and a list of maps available for the group.  The maps themselves have pages with their preview, a quick summary of the map, and an expanded section detailing features and mini-str…

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  • 0FreeIcecream

    Redlink to Act One

    February 10, 2017 by 0FreeIcecream

    Currently, a lot of missions link to Act One, which does not exist as a page and with the WW3 and Mental Omega War existing, it doesn't feel like it's really needed.

    What I propose is that we do one of the following:

    1) Link pages to Campaign#Act_One and Campaign#Act_Two.  This gives users direct access to the other missions at the push of a button, and makes the most logical sense to connect to.

    2) Link the pages to the Third World War and Mental Omega War pages.  This is a less desirable approch, especially since we don't have a concrete timeline set down, but they are Acts One and Two respectively.

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  • Shelbythetriangularsquare

    Help me clear the "see also" from all useless stuff it should only be the same tank type from the same faction.

    Also help me add quotes from units that use the same voice sets of other units from other games, just stating the fact that they use the same voice set isn't enough.

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  • Nikitazero

    Because the current admin appears to be no longer active, I have filed a request to become this wiki's new admin.

    I have been around in the Wikia community for quite a long time, so I have understand much of the matters behind it. If I was made the new admin, I will do the best I can to make the Mental Omega APYR Wiki a best source of information for the mod.

    Please voice your opinions about this here, as feedbacks are needed for anyone who wants to be active and help in attending the wiki.

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