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The Paradox Engine finally arrives in the Isles of Scilly, being escorted by the Allied navy

Ghost Hunt



Part of

Mental Omega War




Isles of Scilly, UK


Allied victory


EAicon European Alliance
USAicon United States

PCicon PsiCorps


Tickicon Clear the Epsilon presence in the Isles of Scilly
Tickicon Make way for the Paradox Engine's escape with the survivors from London aboard

Crossicon Shoot down the Paradox Engine and the Allied survivors


Allied Commander

Unknown Epsilon proselyte




Using a distraction to drive the Allied forces away, Yuri launched a surprise attack at the London Fortress, forcing the Allies to evacuate. Because of the Paradox Project's premature launch, the fleeing survivors have to change the course and regroup at the Isles of Scilly.
- Mission description

Bottleneck is the fifth mission of the Act Two Allied campaign. The survivors from London are on the run. With a prematurely activated Paradox Engine, the Allies must secure a route to escape. This mission marks the debut of Siegfried's Chrono Legion, an elite assassin task force lurking in the darkness of time and space, preparing for the moment when the Allies will be ready to fight back against their oppressors.


With the attack on the London Fortress by Yuri and Scorpion cell's distraction in Morocco, Epsilon's forces had the perfect opportunity to set up an ambush on the Isles of Scilly. Yuri assigned PsiCorps with this task. They did this by deploying several Gehenna platforms and their Navy. It was clear that they were going all in with this ambush. The Allies could not allow it to succeed, lest the free world falls into darkness.


The Chrono Legion arrives

Shortly after overlooking the Isles of Scilly, the 'Chrono Legion', consisting of eight Chrono Legionnaires, arrives on the isles. The Commander quickly divides the legion into two, clearing the south area of map of Gehenna platforms first, mainly due to it being closer to the starting island. The Commander then receives a transmission from Siegfried, informing him that four additional Chrono Legionnaires have arrived. With a bigger attack force, he divides the Legionnaires into groups of two once again, clearing the north area of the map. Thanks to professional micro-management of his troops, no Chrono Legionnaires were lost and their mission has been completed efficiently.

The Paradox Engine arrives

Moments after clearing the Isles of hostile Gehenna's, the Paradox Engine arrives, being escorted by a third of the Allied Navy. Although they arrived in groups after groups, the Allied Destroyers and Dolphins made quick work of enemy Piranhas while the Aegis cruisers, Battleships and Aircraft carriers escorted the Engine from a closer range.

Destroying enemy forces

After the Paradox Engine made its way away from the Isles of Scilly, it initiated a time freeze, which helped the Commander's navy clear the Isles of enemy forces that may have followed and destroyed the Engine. The rest of the Allied forces were able to catch up with the Paradox Engine shortly after securing the Isles.


We were able to get out from this dangerous situation with the Paradox Engine intact and fully operational. This won't last long, however, as the device has not been fully charged because of the emergency take-off. We must plan our course carefully.
- Mission debriefing
The Allies had managed to successfully defend the Paradox Engine as it escaped from the United Kingdom. However, not all is well. Because of the premature launch, and having to use the time stop twice in order to destroy Epsilon forces, the battery was nearly drained.

Power levels all throughout the ship were beginning to drop. Their first priority was to locate a good source of power to help the Engine to recover. After some searching, they managed to find a suitable place that was guarded by an Epsilon base...



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