Challenges are a special player-versus-AI skirmish game mode introduced in version 3.3.

Challenges pits one or two players (either one human and one AI or two humans) alone against three AI enemies that start with a large base and violate certain rules of the game (most often capable of building stolen tech units). Challenge maps are made with an "uncontrolled difficulty mindset" so the gameplay will be asymmetrical.

Challenge maps use standard skirmish settings, which allows the handicap to be changed through the difficulty option and for the Mental AI Boost to be enabled. In all challenges, there are eight money crates, one Tech Field Hospital, one Tech Machine Shop, a few Tech Oil Derricks and tech defences near the players' base.

Note that the following settings are enforced by the client:

  • Building off ally bases, naval combat, Superweapons and Stolen Tech Units are enabled.
  • Ally Change Ingame is disabled.
  • If the enemy in a challenge is a specific subfaction, that subfaction cannot be chosen by players.
  • The colour used by the enemy is not selectable by players.
  • Spectators are not allowed.

Player vs SubfactionEdit


Main article: Freedom Challenge

Expect a massive wave of American Cargo Planes dropping troops at your base and Mercury Strikes. Better prepare a lot of anti-air...


Main article: Timekiller Challenge

Fight against European Alliance commanders who can rapidly chronoshift all units and have access to Quickshifters. Well, that wasn't just fair! Or really is it?


Main article: Regenbogen Challenge

Head to the artificial Regenbogen island where the Pacific Front commanders can control the weather itself to cause a random, adverse effect for you and your co-commander, if you have. Get an umbrella ready!


Main article: Battlecity Challenge

Can you stand against so many Apocalypse Tanks fielded by your Russian enemies in urban combat?


Main article: Moltencore Challenge

Fight against the Confederation all over the place who uses advanced flaming weaponry to turn you into a barbeque. Out of the frying pan... and into the fire. Literally.


Main article: Purgatory Challenge

Your forces landed on Yuri's island, surrounded by PsiCorps with the ability to suddenly turn your forces to their side and a lot of statues... with a shape of Yuri's head?


Main article: Contagion Challenge


Main article: Ascension Challenge

The Epsilon Headquarters proselytes are expanding their Antarctican bases and make their superior genetically altered soldiers a threat to the world. Even worse, their entire air armada is coming to reinforce their positions. Do you think you can stop them before it's too late?


Main article: Madness Challenge

One M.A.D.M.A.N. may be problematic, but more than one of them is just way too much to bear by an average commander! This is madness!

Madness? This is Mental Omega!


Main article: Ouroboros Challenge

One Plasmerizer may be difficult to break through, but how if there are more of them?! Also, the enemy Bastion commanders are capable of producing multiple Boidmachines at the same time! Now that's really an impenetrable fortress.

Player vs FactionEdit


Main article: Revolution Challenge

Face all three Soviet subfactions constantly sending nuclear-armed Kirov Airships to your base. Jeez, did they think that Tactical Nukes aren't strong enough?!


Main article: Deception Challenge

Visit an island to battle Epsilon proselytes using advanced psychic illusion tech amidst a storm. Be wary – looks can be deceiving...


Main article: Endurance Challenge

Fight against three Foehn commanders from all three subfactions with a twist – every structure is fortified with advanced nanocoat technology and the units are recovering often with nanites! This will really test your stamina.



Main article: Watercube Challenge

Fight against three enemy commanders with huge naval bases while your base is merely a tiny little island. What do you prefer, sink or swim?


Main article: Superweapon Challenge

Fight against three enemy commanders with all four superweapons each at their disposal. Good luck, you'll need it.


Main article: Heavyobject Challenge


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