The Chemplug is an add-on for the Scorpion Cell Pandora Hub, which grants them full access to the Cell's arsenal.


The Chemplug upgrade, unique to Epsilon's Scorpion Cell subfaction, grants them full technology access and a variety of support powers based on their chemical research. Upgrading the Pandora Hub to acquire the complete weapons array and accompanying support powers can give an Epsilon Proselyte the edge he needs to overcome his enemies in battle.


Other than granting the proselyte the wide array of chemical warfare his affiliated subfaction has to offer, the Chemplug also provides the following support powers:

Icon Support Power Description
Bloatick Trap 3 Bloaticks can be spawned out of nowhere in any target location to sow chaos even in the heart of enemy battalions. This support power costs $1500 and takes 6:00 to recharge.
Toxic Strike 4 Dybbuk-Strikers are summoned to bombard a designated area with explosive toxic shells effective against infantry and light vehicles. Unlike the rest of Epsilon support powers, this one requires an active Aerodome in order to be accessible. Also, this support power costs $1200 and takes 7:00 to recharge.



  • In version 3.0, the Chemplug, along with its equivalents, only costed $500 and only provided the support powers of its respective subfaction (in the case of Scorpion Cell, they were the Molebomb and Weaver Trap), as the Pandora Hub alone was enough for Tier 3 to be unlocked. Also, half of the containers in the Chemplug were filled with chaos gas.

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