Chronolift is a "sister" support power to the Chronoshift, which is available for the Allies from the Experimental Warpshop once a Chronosphere is built. It does exactly as its "brother" does, albeit it teleport structures instead of vehicles. This allows the Chronolift to be used to quickly relocate important structures or to correct mistakes in the placement of structures.

The Chronolift does have several limitations, however. Firstly, it can only teleport structures in a radius similar to the Chronoshift, so it cannot teleport certain large structures. Secondly, the Chronolift can only teleport structures that are within the radius of the Experimental Warpshop (though said radius is larger than the range of most Allied defenses, so it is possible to teleport buildings beyond normal ground control). The teleportation will also be canceled if the building/s can't fit in the target location, which makes teleporting in urban or forested areas difficult.

A.I. behavior:

  • Unused by the A.I..


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