Conscript reporting.
- A Conscript addressing their commander
The Conscript is the basic and cheap foot soldier of the Soviets.


Conscripts are men drafted into service for the Soviet armies. With Soviet forces pressured to churn out an ever increasing amount of troops, Conscripts are often poorly equipped and only have the most basic military training. They are very cost effective however and are often trained en masse for use in human wave tactics. Conscripts can garrison buildings to increase their rather low survivability.


The Conscript is the basic Soviet infantry unit. Armed with a submachine gun, they are decent against infantry and weak against everything else. However, their low cost and quick build time allows them to be amassed in large quantities quickly. Many Soviet generals often use Conscripts as cannon fodder to allow their stronger units like Desolators and tanks to survive longer.

To improve their combat potential, they can be garrisoned in civilian buildings and Battle Bunkers along with the Flak Trooper.

Unfortunately, they don't last long in battle unless they are garrisoned in civilian buildings. While they are the cheapest infantry unit in the game, they also the weakest among the basic infantry so they will lose to deployed GIs, Initiates and Knightframes on their own. They are also vulnerable to specialized anti-infantry units.


  • Aside from their near ubiquitous presence in Soviet forces throughout the war, Conscripts are also used by PsiCorps and Scorpion Cell during the early parts of Act One. From Killing Fields onward, PsiCorps start to phase Conscripts out in favour of Initiates: in later Epsilon Act One missions Rush Tactics and Moonlight, Initiates replace Conscripts as a buildable unit from the Soviet Barracks used by Epsilon. During Act Two, the only Conscripts used by Epsilon are mind-controlled Soviets, except in Obsidian Sands, where a small group of them appear as part of Scorpion Cell forces.


  • Cheapest infantry unit in the game ($50).
  • Decent against infantry and light units.
  • Gains promotion easily.
  • In large groups, it can serve as meat shields and easily overwhelm single-target units.
  • Can garrison buildings to vastly improve fighting power and survivability.

  • Weakest among basic infantry.
  • Easily countered by anti-infantry weapons, even when in sheer numbers.
  • Can be easily crushed by most tanks.
  • Vulnerable to poison clouds, fires and radiation.


The Conscript uses the voiceset of the same unit in Red Alert 2. One quote is removed (For Mother Russia!) due to the existence of other Soviet subfactions that aren't from Russia.

When selected

  • Comrade?
  • Awaiting orders.
  • Conscript reporting.

When ordered to move

  • For the Union!
  • Moving out.
  • Da! ("Yes" in Russian)
  • Order received.

When ordered to fire

  • For home country!
  • Attacking!
  • You are sure?

When under fire

  • *crying*
  • Mommy!
  • We are being attacked!


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