Allied missions

Low Rider

Main article: Low Rider

While the battle at the US/Mexico border went poorly for the Latin Confederation, they made a comeback by seizing Los Angeles and establishing two forward bases. Two Allied Commanders were soon tasked with destroying the bases and driving the Soviets back into the sea.

Good Old Times

Main article: Good Old Times

Due to a combination of the death of US president Michael Dugan and the introduction of White Phosphorus rounds, American morale was dangerously low. Allied Command instructed two of its commanders to destroy the phosphorus production facilities, located in Northern Mexico.

Impersonal War

Main article: Impersonal War

Greece was once again occupied by the Soviets as they pushed on through Europe. They captured a docks and created a blockade to keep the Allies out. Two Commanders were sent to destroy the Soviet blockade and retake the docks.


Main article: Enforcers

After Scorpion Cell struck the Allies hard in Cairo, the Soviets seized the opportunity and attacked several bases in Northern Africa. Allied Command, not wanting to lose the African mainland, sent two Commanders to reinforce one of its bases and ordered them to drive the Soviets out.


Main article: Technologic

Allied Intel reported that the Chinese were developing their own form of a MIDAS bomb at a research complex in the Soviet dominion. Two Allied Commanders were to support Special Agent Tanya in destroying the Atomheart holding the research before it was too late!

Attack on Buggy

Main article: Attack on Buggy

After brutal fighting, Latin Confederation forces had managed to reach Europe via Spain. They broke through the main defenses and attacked weakened Allied positions. Two Commanders were recalled from Africa to deal with a convoy of Bomb Buggies before they could leave the area.

Blut Royale

Main article: Blut Royale

The situation in Europe had grown dire for the Allies. With the destruction of the Black Forest research complex, Soviet forces were pushing through Germany like a hot knife through butter. Two Commanders made their way to the German homeland to defend the SteinsTech Academy until the evacuation could be completed.

Mad Monster

Main article: Mad Monster

After the fall of Germany, the Soviets decided to produce remote controlled Apocalypse Tanks in order to deal with Allied positions. Two Allied Commanders were sent by Command to destroy the production facility before the tanks could be fully constructed into an armored column.


Main article: Downfall

The Allies had retreated to the United Kingdom to make a final stand against the Soviet juggernaut. The Soviets began to amass forces in France to deal the final blow. Two Allied Commanders were sent to deal with a large army before they could make their way to the English Channel.

Balance of Power

Main article: Balance of Power

While the column was stopped, more bad news arrived to Allied Command. The Soviets had managed to capture several Battleships in Bordeaux, France, intending on using them to clear the English coast. Two Commanders were redirected to Bordeaux to take back the Battleships before it was too late.

Panzer Ace

Main article: Panzer Ace

After Bordeaux was retaken, the Soviets amassed another huge army to retake the city. Intel reported that several Stalin's Fists were supporting the operation. Two Allied Commanders, who retook Bordeaux a few hours earlier, must now prepare to defeat the counter attack and destroy the Stalin's Fists.


Main article: Hypothermia

After the Allies managed to destroy Yuri's Nuclear Missile Silo in the Virgin Islands, they received an SOS message from American survivors. Needing all the help they can get, two Allied Commanders were sent to San Juan to rescue them from Epsilon and Mind Controlled Latin Confederation forces.

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