Epsilon missionsEdit

Television LiesEdit

Main article: Television Lies

Taking place a few years just before the Third World War, Yuri wants the relations between the Soviets & Allies broken down faster than normal. Two Proselytes are tasked with smuggling special hardware into one of the rocket facilities and pressure the Americans to leave Russia entirely.


Main article: Retaliation

After destroying the American embassy in Cairo, the United States launches a counter attack on a Scorpion Cell base. Rashidi is forced to move his prototype MCV elsewhere. Two Proselytes are tasked with destroying the American pursuers by eliminating their bases.


Main article: Cornered

While the Allies had been stopped in their tracks, the Soviets weren't far behind and had begun to deploy Terror Drones in the area. The Two Proselytes from the previous mission must now escort and then defend the prototype MCV while it makes its getaway.


Main article: Rainmaker

PsiCorps receives word that the Euro Alliance and Pacific Front are constructing devices containing weather crystals. Should they succeed in their tests, they would have a huge advantage over the Soviets. Yuri would not allow this and sent two Proselytes to destroy the crystals before they went into production.

Brain ResetEdit

Main article: Brain Reset

Just before PsiCorps could break off from Russia, the Soviets still had access to Yuri's mind control tech hidden inside the Palaces. They could not be allowed to have this tech since it would jeopardize his plans. Two Proselytes, along with a unwilling Russian General, must defend the Palace from a Chinese-Pacific Front assault while, at the same time, deleting all information from the Soviets Weapons Protocol.

Rush TacticsEdit

Main article: Rush Tactics

PsiCorps receives word of the Pacific Front deploying the new Hailstorm artillery platform. If they are allowed to succeed, it would end the war in Korea too quickly. Two Proselytes are tasked with destroying the Hailstorms before they could get to the Korean war zone.


Main article: Monochrome

Attacks from American militias had dwindled but were not completely defeated. After their resurgence, the Allies attacked an outpost and captured a Psychic Beacon, mind controlling an Epsilon base. Two Proselytes are tasked with liberating the base and defending the Psychic Dominator from enemy attacks.

Research StrokeEdit

Main article: Research Stroke

Epsilon receives word of the Chinese constructing a powerful new weapon that could turn the tide against Yuri. This could not be allowed to happen. Two Proselytes were deployed to the Japan in order to destroy the KI research complex.

The CardinalEdit

Main article: The Cardinal

This mission will be added in the upcoming 3.3.2 patch.


Main article: Necromancers

This mission will be added in the upcoming 3.3.2 patch.


Main article: Jealousy

This mission will be added in the upcoming 3.3.2 patch.

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