Soviet missions


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After the Soviets had secured San Francisco, they planned on attacking and occupying Seattle next. The size of the Allied armies there was concerning, due to the state governors and militia refusing to surrender. Nevertheless, two Commanders would eliminate the Allied presence and take the city for themselves.

Burned Alive

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The Pacific Front invasion had taken Russia by surprise. Their forces were now deployed across many regions of the Far East. Two Soviet Commanders take control of an elite squad of Pyros to drive out a Pacific Front occupation force from Dalnegorsk, Russia.

Role Reversal

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While the Russians and Chinese continue to push through Europe, the Latin Confederation plan on invading the continent from the coasts of Spain, but first they need to establish a foothold. Two Soviet Commanders are recalled from the Far East to help the Latin Confederation occupy the Balearic Islands.


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Standing between the Soviet forces and the United Kingdom was the massive Allied naval fleet in Amsterdam, located in the Netherlands. This fleet needed to be dealt with in order for an invasion to proceed. Two Soviet Commanders are tasked with destroying the port and sinking every single Allied ship.

Ravages of War

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The Baltic Sea was vulnerable during the opening stages of the Third World War. To weaken the already present Allied forces there, the Soviets invaded Copenhagen. Two Commanders were assigned to hold the line until reinforcements arrived, clearing a path in order to establish a base on the coast and then wipe out all Allied forces in the city.

Lights Out

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The Soviets receive word of several research labs in Rosendal, Norway. The Allies are researching advanced versions of their Gap Generators in order to put them into mass production. Two Commanders are assigned with the task of destroying the facilities and prevent the Allies from gaining a massive advantage over them.

Thunder God

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The Soviet soon received more intel on research facilities, this time coming from Sweden. The Allies are working on creating more powerful and advanced versions of their Thor Gunships, known to them as Super Thors. Two Commanders are redirected to the research complex in order to destroy all research into this fearsome weapon.

Ego Ergo Hax

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After receiving word from Yuri that the Allies were trying to evacuate the KI scientists from Japan, the Soviets prepare a strike force to sabotage the prototype Chronosphere. Yunru would lead the effort while two Commanders would escort her to the complex.


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While the Soviets were busy fighting around the city of Bordeaux, Euro Alliance forces managed to capture a warehouse full of napalm. Not wanting to be crippled by this loss of important liquid, two Latin Confederation commanders, assisted by Morales, made their way to the facility in order to liberate it.

Money Source

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The Allies were in desperate need of resources. As a result, they constructed more Ore Purifiers to increase their funds. Two Commanders were assigned Latin Confederation forces and ordered to destroy these facilities to break the back of the Allied effort.


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After escaping the S.S.A., colonels Reznov and Krukov received word about a report coming from a recently abandoned Soviet base in Zaragoza, Spain, after it was attacked by Yuri's commandos. Two Commanders were assigned along with Krukov & Reznov to investigate the area.


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As the combined forces of China & Russia finished the peace signing in Singapore, Reznov and Krukov received an urgent call from an agent in the Xinjiang region who gave rumours about new weapon prototypes based on Volkov's skeleton. Believing this violates the treaty, the two commandos made their way to the base to find out themselves.

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