The European Alliance remains a serious threat, forcing Yuri to bring his ace card into the play early. As a certain object is descending onto the Earth, the Chinese navy on the Pacific Ocean tracks its impact location to an island held by the PsiCorps forces.
- Mission description

Dance of Blood is the seventh mission of the Epsilon Act Two campaign. In response to the Paradox Engine that has been wreaking havoc on Epsilon's forces across the globe, Yuri sends a probe down with an important key to winning the war down to the base on Totoya Island. Before it arrives, however, China launches an all-out attack to keep them from succeeding.

Besides the Shuttle's cargo, this mission also marks the first controllable appearances of the Marauder all-terrain tank, Gehenna Platform dedicated air unit, and Resheph siege submarine.


Following the Proselyte's success on evacuating Epsilon combat weapon prototypes to safety, he is assigned into another task by Yuri himself. Due to the Paradox Engine appearance which becomes a significant threat to his plans, Yuri had no choice but to even the scales by bringing forth his trump card. During his times on the Epsilon's lunar base Yuri had taken his time to develop a device that allows him to bend the minds of everyone in the world, and although not all of the complications can be sorted out in time, the European Alliance's interference cannot be allowed to go on.

Other than the European Alliance, China also becomes a thorn on Yuri's side, but they prove to be the most difficult foe to be dealt with, as the conquest of their land is blocked in every turn and started to purge their ranks from potential turncoats and saboteurs, making any attempt to weaken them from the inside fruitless. Yuri concluded that the trump card is necessary to deal with the Chinese.

Complications arose when the shuttle carrying the trump card was detected by Chinese naval patrols over the Philippine Sea, and tracked its landing site to the Totoya Island. Hoping to intercept the shuttle and seizing whatever cargo it is carrying, the Chinese navy invades the island with full force. The Epsilon's base in Totoya Island is ill-suited for the invasion, so the Proselyte is sent to reinforce the island and hold off the Chinese until the shuttle lands, after which he can use the trump card to repel the invaders.


Island defense

Yuri did not foresee the invasion of the Chinese fleet against Totoya Island. As a result, the northeast coastal defenses were falling quickly to the initial invaders (mostly due to the inconvenience of explosive barrels).

The shuttle was too close to be diverted elsewhere, so the PsiCorps forces organized their defense as quickly as they could. Soon enough, the bulk of the Chinese fleet arrived from the southwest, that were tasked in clearing out the coastal defenses (that were also filled with barrels) from the northwest and southeast portion of the island.

The new Gehenna Platforms and other anti-air defenses were stationed in the southwest to deal with the incoming Chinese air force, whereas the new Marauders and plenty of ground troops were deployed on the only entrances to the PsiCorps base.

As the Chinese assault progressed, both sides were paradropping reinforcements and taking loss after loss. The situation began to worsen for the PsiCorps as the Chinese have deployed 3 bases in the northeast, southeast and northwest, with the northeastern base notably deploying an Iron Curtain.

Constant Kirov assaults, Foxtrot airstrikes and countless Chinese ground forces that were unloaded made it impossible to counterattack, so defending the landing bay that had the proper equipment to land the rocket was imperative.

Fortunately for the proselyte, the power to bend minds was at their side; Masterminds and PsiCorps Elites were quick to mind control China's ground forces and sent them to Grinders for much needed funds.

"Her" arrival and tipping the scales

After a lengthy clash, the rocket containing the powerful but psychotic Libra had arrived. At that point, the sky had become bloody red and the Chinese had stopped their advances completely, leaving them at her mercy. She devastated every hostile in the island, while being assisted by surviving PsiCorps forces and the new Resheph submarines, whose psychic decimators proved efficacious in laying siege to the Chinese encampments.


It appears the Chinese have realized their futile struggle against us and lost their will to fight once Libra arrived. You have guaranteed the safety of her descent and now we have the most important piece needed for our victory almost right where we need it.
- Yuri's message

The Chinese forces tucked tail and run upon seeing Libra's wrath, realizing that they have no way to defeat such a beautiful but deadly psychic. With Libra's arrival on earth, the Epsilon finally have a chance to turn the tide of the war into their favor and ensure eventual victory over the Allies and the Soviets.

Difficulty changes

  • Starting credits: 45000 on Easy, 30000 on Normal, 10000 on Mental.
  • On Easy, a Pandora Hub is already constructed in the central base. Also, a firepower crate and armor crate can be found just southwest of the landing bay.
  • The Chinese navy and airforce will arrive much longer on Easy difficulty.
  • Enemy reinforcements are more numerous depending on the difficulty. On Mental, an armored regiment of Nuwa Cannons will be unloaded on the west after some time.


The player has 35 in-game minutes to defend the Landing Pad. Enemy assaults are frequent, making defense a priority.

It is not recommended to help the friendly computer-controlled PsiCorps forces, as they only serve as obstacles for the Chinese.

An excellent strategy for defending the Landing Bay would be utilizing mind-control and Grinders. Since the entrances are narrow and China lacks a siege unit (save for their epic unit which is not introduced yet and their Dreadnoughts that only cleared out the coastal defense) and they employ expensive units, this strategy ensures that the player will have continuous funds throughout, as the advancing Chinese forces make mining difficult.

Once Libra has arrived, she alone can complete the objective (the mission can be completed faster if using a Driller to transport her to every base). At this point, the Chinese will stop producing any units and send all of their surviving ones to the central base. This is a great opportunity for her to destroy the Construction Yards, War Factories and Atomhearts, forcing the Chinese to sell all of their buildings. Unless the player is very careless, ensuring Libra's survival is not difficult since she is much stronger in this mission than in skirmish (longer range, increased damage and hit points).



  • The music used in this mission's gameplay is Relativity (Alternative link) by Black Ice 9 who composed Epsilon's soundtrack.
    • After Libra arrives, a unique music will be played and looped for the rest of the mission.
  • This mission is a remake and role reversal of Escape Velocity, the fifth Soviet mission in Yuri's Revenge.
  • Initially the island where this mission takes place is named "Exilian", but because it turned out that the real-life Totoya Island is on the exact same location and has a similar horseshoe-like shape with the in-game island, the name was changed in 3.3.2 to match.[1]
  • Libra doesn't have voicelines in this mission. According to Speeder, the lead developer of Mental Omega, this is intentional.[2]