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In light of the United States' military collapsing, the Pacific Front is attempting to take control of the Mercury Satellite Uplink in Hawaii. Not wanting such a powerful weapon to fall in enemy hands, the Soviets have decided to destroy the uplink.
- Mission description

Operation: Death From Above is the eighth mission of Act One Soviet campaign.


Interesting news Comrade - our work on the Island of Devon has revealed strange occurrences going on. The Allies are not nearly as unified as we thought, and that base indeed was not to coordinate the remaining American forces as advertised, but for the European and Pacific forces to recover technology and assets that were still under American control. Even more Americans have joined our army lately - the problem here is that it won't take long for Moscow to be aware of the support you have among certain quarters. For now they are in the dark, and focusing on the war in Europe. Leave them - High Command wants you to complete our victory here. Thus, you were made a First Commander, and have Weapons Protocol again.

The reason you suffered a Mercury strike in Paris was not an accident. It seems the Pacific Front has somehow managed to wrest control of the American Mercury Satellite system away from them. It doesn't seem complete though, and for the moment they do not have full control. Strikes are sporadic, but it won't remain this way for long. The problem for the past few days was that we didn't know where the control station was. That changed earlier today, when we received news from a mysterious source, indicating what we thought was the American Pacific Fleet HQ on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii, upon closer analysis, seems to be a giant Pacific base. Specifically, a Control Center was pointed out, complete with some sort of shield protecting it. If the control over the Mercury stays in Pacific Front's hands, they just may be able to upgrade the weapon.

Objective 1: Destroy all Allied forces on the Niihau Island.
Objective 2&3: Defend the base until the Nuke Silo is built & destroy the Uplink.



The Mercury system is now stranded in space, harmless hunks of metal. It would have been nice to harness the system for ourselves, but the American scientists in our care have revealed that it is no longer a threat to us. We have nothing to fear now.
- Battlefield report

With the destruction of the uplink, the Mercury satellite now become a useless, harmless metallic contraption stranded in space, although the General thought that seizing control of the satellite for the Soviet cause would prove to be useful. Regardless, American scientists in the General's protection informed him that the Mercury satellite is no longer a threat, so the General has nothing to fear for now.

Meanwhile, the war in Europe is not going well for the Soviets, forcing them to use their MIDAS ICBMs to turn the tide by obliterating the reconstructed Chronosphere and the SteinsTech lab.

Difficulty changes

  • On harder difficulties, the initial defense phase will be more chaotic, as there will be constant barrages from Zephyrs (these can be located and destroyed in the upper-right corner, though heavily guarded by US vehicles), paradrops and Kappa Tanks.



  • This mission is based on and a role reversal of Deep Sea, the seventh Allied mission in the original Red Alert 2. Instead of the Soviets attempting to eliminate the Allied Pacific Fleet in the original game, they have to ensure the destruction of the Mercury Uplink.
  • The Mercury Uplink in this mission is surprisingly resilient, being able to withstand a direct strike from the Tactical Nuke. This is probably to prevent the player from bypassing the need to engage the Allies directly while en route to the objective and finishing this mission quickly. Though this is explained by the Force Shield texture seen around the Uplink building itself.