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It will be a smoking crater!
- A Demolition Truck driver seconds before a loud bang is heard
The Demolition Truck is a suicide unit carrying a powerful B.O.O.M. warhead used by Soviet factions except the Latin Confederation, which uses the faster but more fragile Bomb Buggy instead.


Demolition Trucks are a simple but lethal weapon, utilized by the Soviets since the days of the Second World War. In the aftermath of the war, the Soviets were forced to dismantle their entire nuclear arsenal. Nuclear warfare has been strictly moderated by the Allied Nations ever since.

However, the restrictions the Allied Nations had laid down proved to be futile once the Third World War broke out as the communist war machine began producing nuclear weapons on a large scale. Due to the rather exorbitant price tag that came with building, arming, and maintaining of nuclear missile silos, the Soviet countries decided to reproduce and load the warheads used years before in their M.A.D. Tanks onto large trucks as a cheaper alternative.

With the safety off, the trucks are a staple of ambushes, being able to rush past enemy defenses and detonate their payload where it hurts the most. The warhead isn't too effective against enemy infantry so it's something the trucks should avoid. Commanders are to handle the vehicles with great care, as the trucks themselves are fragile and can easily trigger each other in a cataclysmic reaction.



  • Very effective against structures.
  • Very dangerous when used together with the Iron Curtain, Shadow Ring or Chronosphere.
  • Good against groups of light armor vehicles.

  • Not effective against infantry.
  • Enemy commanders can destroy them from a safe distance.
  • Vulnerable to mind control and air units.
  • Chrono weapons can remove them safely, causing no explosion.
  • Dangerous to keep inside bases.


The Demolition Truck uses the voiceset of the same unit in Red Alert 2.

When selected

  • My truck is loaded!
  • Let's make a delivery!
  • I shall avenge us!
  • Why don't you drive?

When ordered to move

  • One way trip!
  • As you wish...
  • Watch out for the bumps!

When ordered to attack

  • For my people!
  • I am prepared to die!
  • It will be a smoking crater!
  • Don't wait up for me!
  • Aaaaah-kakakakaka!!!!


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