Battle stations!
- Destroyer
The Destroyer is the primary vessel of the Allied navy, armed with a cannon to attack other ships and ground targets, and an Osprey to attack enemy submarines.


The Destroyer is the workhorse of the Allied Navy, capable of engaging enemy ships and shore installations with its powerful 155mm cannon. What makes the Destroyer unique though, is the V-22 Osprey mounted on its back, equipped with depth charges. This, in combination with the advanced sonar systems equipped with the ship, makes the Destroyer a versatile submarine hunter as well, especially when assisted by Navy SEALs.


The Destroyer is the Allied main naval ship. Their decent armor and firepower makes them ideal for naval engagement. Their main weapon, the 155mm cannon, is effective against not only ships but vehicles and structures as well. Destroyer is equipped with an advanced sonar system which allows them to detect submarines and other cloaked units. It is also equipped with a V-22 Osprey which allow them to drop depth charge to sink any submarine it can find. This makes it an all-round unit that an Allied naval armada should always have.

However, they are vulnerable to air units. While they can attack submarines, their Osprey can be shot down rendering them useless until a new one is replenished plus, the Osprey needs to reload as well.


  • Cannon is effective against ships, ground units and buildings.
  • Can detect cloaked and submerged units.
  • Can attack submerged units with Osprey from a long range.

  • Defenseless against aircraft.
  • Ospreys are vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire.
  • It takes time for Ospreys to return on the ship and reload.


The Destroyer uses the voiceset of the same unit in Red Alert 2.

When selected

  • Allied ship reporting.
  • Navigation systems ready.
  • Standing by.
  • Captain on the bridge.

When ordered to move

  • Steady as she goes.
  • Rudder set for new heading.
  • Aye commander.
  • Main engines engaged.

When ordered to attack

  • Attacking!
  • Battle stations!
  • Enemy spotted!


  • The Destroyer can use both its cannon and the Osprey at once if micro-managed properly.
  • Azri_Apoc is credited as the voxel artist for Destroyer and Osprey.
  • The Destroyer is capable of firing on the move, but only when its bow is pointing towards a viable target.

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