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Once again the Russians must defend their homeland in a clash of titans as their enemy attempts to deny them victory. A powerful army has isolated the Primorsky Krai from the rest of the country and have imprisoned the Russian heroes, Volkov and Chitzkoi.
- Mission description

Dragonstorm is the twelfth and final mission of the Soviet Act One campaign.


After the incident involving a Psychic Beacon, the uneasy alliance between Russia and China began to falter, which only got worse when the Soviet Union failed to finish off the Allies in the UK. It eventually broke down when the Soviet General launched an attack on the KI assembly in Okawa Falls, Japan, only to find out the cold hard truth that China has already taken over the country. China turned out to have planned something ambitious and big from the very beginning of the war, which can be clearly hinted from their refusal to give aid in repelling the Pacific Front's invasion of Russia.

Ironically, it was Pacific Front's hero, Norio, who, after assisting the Russians during the KI Assembly attack, revealed the truth that made the General shocked in disbelief; China and Pacific Front had actually made a treaty with each other ever since Japan was an American protectorate and later held a referendum to choose between joining the American Union or becoming independent – which helps to explain why China was able to conquer Japan without any noticeable resistance.

Now China have set their sights on Russia itself. The Chinese don't intend to subjugate them like what they did to Japan, but rather force them and the Confederation to acknowledge the PRC as the true leader of the Soviet Union – something that Moscow clearly opposes to. What's worse, China already had a headstart when it comes to intelligence, and made two major blows for the Russians; first, by destroying Russia's only MIDAS ICBM left, and second, by capturing their heroes, Volkov and Chitzkoi – in the latter case, China's brilliant young scientist, Yunru, is studying the cyborgs in an attempt to turn them against the Motherland.

Knowing that the battle would decide the fate of Russia and her glory, the General, being the only one who can respond to the Chinese incursion, was given all but one order: hold back the Chinese onslaught at all costs. It seems to be an impossible task, but it must be done, lest the Union shatter before his eyes and everything he have fought thus far will be for naught.

As the Russian bear makes their stand to face the Chinese dragon head-on and a storm brews over the skies of Primorsky Krai, the fate of the Soviet Union hangs in the outcome of this battle.


The Bear vs. The Dragon

So this is where you're hiding, General? My men will crush you! Like a swarm of locusts, they descend from the sky to devour all those who stand against China!
- General Xiu Rong Wu taunting the Soviet General

Wiping Wu's forces out

I do not accept this defeat, General. My men will cover my escape, and we will fight another day! *laughs*
- General Xiu Rong Wu upon defeat


In the end we stand victorious. The Chinese offensive has lost its momentum while the rest of the world trembles, believing that we are still own PsiCorps and the MIDAS. There is still a matter of traitor Yuri's disappearance but this war is over.
- Battlefield report

Although the casualties on the Russian forces were high, the General can finally sigh with relief after the Chinese invasion is repelled and the dragon have been put in their place and are forced to recognize the Russian bear as the true leader of the Soviet Union. This ensured peace and stability on the Soviet realm – at least until China and Pacific Front goes to war in Korea.

The world also remain fearful to the Soviets since they believed that Russia still had MIDAS warheads at their disposal (although the truth says otherwise), allowing the Soviets to keep the world in check for the next two years.

The war may be over but the General still have to find out where Yuri is hiding, who managed to disappear amidst the Chinese invasion. He also figured how he could lose access to the Psychic Sensor and Cloning Vats since they were seemingly secure inside the Russian Palace.

Thinking that the Soviet Union is at peace, the General returns to the United States – now renamed to Soviet States of America (S.S.A.), enforcing the Soviet will on the region and pushing out the remnants of the American military who threatens the Soviet dominance there. While the General remains on alert to any possible events masterminded by Yuri, he appears to have been caught off-guard when Leninisk Cosmodrome is sacked by the PsiCorps.

Two years later, the General, now residing at Washington D.C. – now renamed to Stalington in honor of Joseph Stalin – receives a wake up call to his usual duty of policing the city.



  • During version 3.0, the Pacific Front base was inaccessible by land troops as there was no land that connected it and the island the Chinese and the Russians are, thereby requiring the use of amphibious transports or an air assault with Kirovs and Wolfhounds.
  • If the player builds a Tactical Nuke Silo, General Wu will respond in kind by building one himself, while saying:
I thought nuclear missile were not allowed. This is hardly fair, General.