Drought is a two-player standard multiplayer map.


Drought is a medium-sized desert map with lots of rough terrain and two potential build locations for each player.

The map is vertically symmetric. Each player starts on a medium-sized area of flat ground on one of the bottom corners of the map. There is a medium gem patch nearby. Some distance to the north is a wide ramp to a large, flat, raised area containing a Tech Expansion Post, a Tech Machine Shop, and a large ore patch with an ore drill. Under the cliff is another large ore patch with drill. To the E/W of the Expansion Post is a second ramp leading off the raised area to the south and an Oil Derrick. Slightly further to the E/W, under the cliff edge, is another Oil Derrick and a small gem patch. To the south from here is a round flat area containing an inaccessible cliff area, three garrisonable buildings on its outer W/E side, and a medium ore patch with drill to its south side. Next to this ore patch are several hedgehog tank traps and a Cannon Bunker.

Besides the above-mentioned areas, the rest of the map is rough ground that is difficult if not impossible to build on.

Tech buildings


Because of the gem patch near the starting position, players are encouraged to put their first Refinery on their MCV. It's obvious that the Expansion Post is necessary for long-term success, being as most of the map's wealth is concentrated around it, but nobody's going to pass up on free gems. Possibly the most sensible build strategy is to take the Expansion Post as soon as possible, put the first Refinery on the MCV, then all other buildings on the Expansion Post, since the starting location is dead weight once the gems are gone. The MCV can then be moved to the north if the build time can be spared. However, one must be cautious of an early rush on the MCV.

Due to this map's large and open no-man's-land area, the split between two bases, and the long distances involved, it heavily favours mobile armies that can react and retreat quickly.