The Dybbuk-Seizer is an Epsilon stolen tech unit acquired by infiltrating a rogue Epsilon Pandora Hub and Construction Yard. Another, yet uncommon member of Epsilon's Dybbuk series of aircraft, alongside the common fighter and bomber variants, this one basically acts as an airborne version of the Mastermind, although it is limited to mind-controlling up to three units at a time.


One would think that it should not be necessary to acquire hidden advanced technology from an army quite similar to yours in design, for an aircraft like a Dybbuk with three Epsilon Adepts inside, which can mind control units from the sky, to exist, but such is the concept of stolen technology. The Dybbuk-Seizer is essentially a Dybbuk with three Epsilon Adepts inside. Brilliant.


The Dybbuk-Seizer is a peculiar aircraft to acquire, since there are some units that fill this Stolen Tech unit's purpose (especially PsiCorps' case, where mind-control is their premier technology). However, the Dybbuk-Seizer is the fastest mind-controller available. Additionally, it lacks the Epsilon Adept/Elite's fragility and the Mastermind's notable weakness of brainwave overload that leads to its self-destruction.

With these traits in mind, a clever proselyte is able to use the Dybbuk-Seizer to seize control of important units behind enemy lines or where they least expect it; he won't have to worry about mind-controlling the wrong unit/s, as he has to manually order the Seizer to do so. Unfortunately, unlike other mind controllers, the Seizer has a limited "ammunition", meaning the proselyte must choose his targets carefully.

In an Epsilon vs. Epsilon matchup where this aircraft would be ideally acquired, it is a rather situational aircraft, as there are not that many unique Epsilon units to mind control. But these aircraft are at their most dangerous when there are other enemy factions, as most of their advanced units worth mind controlling are unable to outrun the Dybbuk-Seizer.


  • Mind controls up to three enemy units.
  • Flying mobile unit makes it easy to capture enemy units, especially those without anti-air capabilities.
  • Automatically repairs itself.
  • Good speed.

  • Expensive ($2000).
  • Late game unit, only available after infiltrating an Epsilon Pandora Hub.
  • Has to target units manually to mind control.
  • Has no other defensive capabilities of its own.
  • Not very durable.
  • Vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire.
  • Has limited "ammunition".


The Dybbuk-Seizer uses a modified voiceset of the Yuri Clone in Yuri's Revenge.

When selected

  • All in the mind.
  • Psychic ready.
  • Something to think about?
  • Share your thoughts with me.
  • Perhaps I can be of assistance.

When ordered to move

  • Yes... good thought.
  • Goes without saying.
  • Goes without saying...
  • Understandable.
  • Makes sense.

When ordered to mind control

  • He will do as I say.
  • They will obey.
  • Yield to me!
  • We could use one of those.

When shot down

  • Oh what were you thinking?!
  • My head hurts.
  • I can't make up my mind!
  • Hah, I'm so confused.

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