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The EMP Control Station is a support structure used by China whose sole purpose is to charge and release an electromagnetic pulse upon their enemies.

Official description

Due to their chosen technological path and strategy, the Chinese emphasized on their EMP technology. The EMP Control Station has been designed with one purpose in mind: to grind enemy vehicles to a halt and leave them open to the slow but powerful Chinese armored columns. By directing enough energy into this building, the Chinese are capable of creating an effective EM Pulse anywhere on the battlefield whenever the weapon has fully charged. The pulse created with this device has the largest area effect of all EMP weapons that the Chinese have developed so far.[1]

EM Pulse

The EMP Control Station can release an electromagnetic pulse anywhere on the battlefield, shutting down any unfortunate vehicles caught in its wake for 24 seconds, giving enough time for China's slow but powerful war machines to reach and eliminate them. It also affects certain infantry such as cyborgs and those using exoskeletons.

A quirk that can be exploited by the EM Pulse is that hovering vehicles will sink to their demise when they are disabled in water, allowing it to be used offensively against such vehicles like Kappa Tanks.


AI behavior

  • The AI will use EM Pulse on the largest enemy vehicle blob present. Ignores cloaked targets.


Act One

  • The EMP Control Station first appears in Unshakeable. One is part of the Chinese base around the Seismic Stabilizer, and another can be built once the player takes control of said base.

Act Two

  • In the first part of Power Hunger, three EMP Control Stations (alongside a Nuclear Reactor) are targets for Morales to destroy so the Zubr transports carrying Russian forces can safely make landfall without being sunk by the EMP.
  • In Meltdown, the player's base starts with an EMP Control Station.
  • In Earthrise, the EMP Control Station is buildable by the player, even though the player's subfaction is Russia instead of China.

Behind the scenes

  • In 3.0 the EM Pulse was called through the Chinese Science Lab. The EM Pulse also had a shorter delay and a different visual effect.



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