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C endurance

Map overview

The armies of the Foehn Revolt have managed to conquer a remote island on the Pacific Ocean and are trying to convert it into a hybrid battlebase. The amount of nanomachines deployed on their units is unusually large, so be careful.
- Map description

Endurance Challenge is a Challenge map, where enemy forces consist of all three Foehn subfactions with a preference towards nanomachine weapons.


The enemy has a Haihead base at the centre, a Wings of Coronia base in the northwest and a Last Bastion base in the southeast, each of which starts with two Reprocessors. All enemy units and buildings are much harder to kill: the former are always healed by Nanocharge (with vehicles being additionally repaired by Tech Machine Shops), while the latter benefit from a permanent armour bonus similar to the Nanocoat Regulator's with one difference: it is not disabled when the base is powered down. This also means that the enemy can't and don't need to build Nanocoat Regulators.

In addition, the enemy can build Archelons without having to infiltrate a Pandora Hub.

Tech buildings