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The Epsilon Army is a violent non-state actor led by Yuri. Originating from the Psychic Corps, the Epsilon was founded shortly after the Lenininsk Cosmodrome incident and is fully dedicated to realize Yuri's vision of a world under one mind. The Epsilon also includes an African-Middle Eastern terrorist group, the Scorpion Cell, into their ranks, and developing their own weapons research which allows them to confront the Allies and their former master, the Soviets head-on through an array of unconventional and exotic technologies the world has never seen before, such as psychic, optical camouflage and genetic mutation. At some point Epsilon claimed the Antarctica and made their base there from which Yuri's ultimate weapon is to be constructed.


Technology level

The Epsilon’s technology is as unconventional as their doctrine. Considering the rapid pace of their development for an organization that is founded in the late 1900’s thanks to Yuri’s unique method of connecting great minds, they are the pioneers of unimaginable feats that break both the technological and ethical limits that the Allies and Soviets wouldn’t dare pursue. As their preferred tactics are usually subversive, they rely on speed and stealth to corrupt the battlefield, and so most of their machines and soldiers aren’t able to handle direct combat for long. The following is a list of their notable technological breakthroughs:

  • Psionics: The most prominent and prized technology of the Epsilon (particularly its primary wing, the PsiCorps), it is what truly makes the Epsilon a threat to freedom and communism alike. Its most common (and most terrifying) example is their ability to control minds instantaneously by psychics, from the Epsilon Adept to the Mastermind. It does not stop there however, as the Epsilon is capable of mind controlling entire populations in little time, whether in a strategic or cataclysmic manner. Other applications include pyrokinesis and telekinesis, as demonstrated in the Initiate common soldier and the PsiCorps hero Libra respectively, proving that their Psionics technology is also capable of destruction if need be.
  • Stealth technology: A combination of stolen Allied stealth technology as well as distorted mental feedback of their enemies due to psychic illusions, Epsilon stealth technology has been the bane of many unsuspecting armies which do not have the necessary equipment to detect what lies behind the Epsilon’s cloak. Whether utilized for offensive or defensive purposes, it is proven reliable to force their opponents into thinking twice before assaulting their strike forces and their bases.
  • Magnetic and anti-gravitic technology: An important asset brought about by Yuri’s army, it is responsible for giving their aircraft their flight and levitation, and so they can be fielded even in the vacuum of space. Besides this, PsiCorps is able to apply this technology to their Marauder and Magnetron vehicles to support their all-terrain mantra. As for magnetism, PsiCorps too also fields this more frequent than the rest so as to trap unfortunate machines, that make such vehicles the next pawns of Yuri’s great plan.
  • Chemical weaponry: Another unethical armament used by Epsilon, it has been known to be deadly against infantry no matter how armored they are, as they explode and release toxic clouds upon death. Scorpion Cell is fond of using toxic weapons against their opponents without hesitation, and so their most formidable units are well equipped with them.
  • Genetics: Like the mad scientists with no regard for humanity’s self-imposed limits that they are, the Epsilon’s goal to transform mere humans into superhumans through genetic mutation has been successful and it never seemed to backfire. This has led to the creation of the Archer, Brute and Virus infantries seen in the battlefield. Epsilon Headquarters delved even further into this technology, and as such they are responsible for the creation of the Stalker and their hero Rahn. It is also worth mentioning that the Spook and Bloatick are also byproducts of this technology, as they are more reminiscent of horrid experimentations than natural animals.
  • Cloning: The Epsilon are well known for cloning their own soldiers through Cloning Vats, effectively outnumbering their opposition.
  • Robotics: Robots affiliated with the Epsilon are only given special, niche roles as said faction widely prefers the organic mind over artificial intelligence.
  • Terminus: A peculiar drug that is an application of genetics, the Epsilon has utilized this concoction for offensive purposes (though there are unconfirmed reports that it is used for recreational purposes); namely, forcefully mutating regular humans into Brutes. A special kind of Terminus strain is used to enhance the performance of Epsilon units that sends them into a state of rage, and has since become the support superweapon of the Epsilon, appropriately named the Rage Inductor.
  • Plasma weaponry: Though not as potent as the Foehn’s, plasma weaponry of the Epsilon is still powerful enough to crumble the foundations of structures.
  • Thermal weaponry: Similar in nature to flame weaponry of the Soviets but with different results, thermal weaponry is able to not only incinerate flesh, but also punch through armor of vehicles. Current applications of this weaponry are the Antares Battery and the PsiCorps Marauder.
  • Dissolver beams: As its name implies, it is capable of liquefying infantry and even corroding armor of tanks. Thus, it seems to have different amplitudes, based from eyewitness accounts that have fought against Invaders and Shadow Tanks.
  • Gatling weaponry: Putting conventional bullets to the extreme, Gatling weaponry is Epsilon’s basic method of mowing down fragile infantry and aircraft mercilessly. It is seen in both stationary and mobile forms.
  • Armor Rupturing Objects: AROs for short, they are roughly the Epsilon equivalent of rockets and missiles. As their name implies, AROs are strong versus enemy armor and aircraft, as revealed in their Archer and Piranha units.



Main article: PsiCorps

As the first branch and main military wing of the Epsilon, the PCicon PsiCorps focuses on extensive mind control tactics through their Masterminds and Psychic Towers to throw their enemies into disarray, and all-terrain warfare with their Marauders, Magnetrons and their hero Libra.

Scorpion Cell

Main article: Scorpion Cell

Being a terrorist group means the SCicon Scorpion Cell had to rely on improvised weapons and vehicles made from scrap such as Speeders and Tyrants, but they also employ extensive use of chemical weaponry to even up the odds in form of Plague Splatters and Oxidizers as well as stealing enemy vehicles with Hijackers.

Epsilon Headquarters

Main article: Epsilon Headquarters

Dedicated to safeguard the Epsilon's Antarctican stronghold, the HQicon Epsilon Headquarters focuses on stealth tactics by using Shadow Tanks to ambush enemies from unexpected places, as well as genetic mutation through their Stalker supersoldiers and hero Rahn, culminating with the massive Aerial Fortress Irkalla to ensure complete territorial control.