Yuricon General

Tier 1 Yminicon Ytnkicon Stngicon
Tier 2 Ypcvicon Drilicon

PCicon PsiCorps

Tier 1 Ltnkicon
Tier 2 Maraicon
Tier 3 Mindicon Teleicon Gehnicon

SCicon Scorpion Cell

Tier 1 Manticon
Tier 2 Trikicon
Tier 3 Scavicon Plagicon Oxidicon

HQicon Epsilon Headquarters

Tier 1 Stnkicon
Tier 2 Shdwicon
Tier 3 Colsicon Hzqdicon

Stolen Tech

From Allicon
From Sovicon
Tier 3 Trcticon Wrmqicon

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