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The Barracks is the Epsilon's infantry production structure.

Official description

The Epsilon Barracks is a shrine dedicated to Yuri's vision, going so far as to be built in his likeness as Yuri's voice constantly echoes through the structure, instilling confidence and bravery to those who serve him. With the Epsilon Barracks, a commander can train basic and advanced Epsilon infantry. The more Barracks a commander has on the field, the faster infantry units are trained.[1]


Like all Barracks, the Epsilon Barracks is one of three buildings that are available by default once the Construction Yard is deployed. Therefore, unlike in the original Red Alert 2 and its expansion, it is encouraged to build this structure first, so that the proselyte can churn out Spooks for reconnaissance, Engineers for capturing of vital tech structures, and Initiates for offense and garrisoning of civilian structures as soon as possible, and build appropriate defenses (like the Gatling Cannon) when needed.

The Epsilon Barracks trains the following infantry:

Icon Unit Requirements Description
Initiate none
  • Epsilon's basic and starting infantry
  • Armed with their own enhanced minds to set fire against infantry
  • Able to garrison civilian structures
Archer none
  • Epsilon's anti-armor/anti-air infantry
  • Armed with an A.R.O. bow against vehicles and aircraft
  • Able to garrison civilian structures, but loses ability to attack aircraft
Spook none
  • Epsilon's twisted version of the Attack Dog
  • Its claws can instantly shred infantry apart
  • Amphibious
  • Detects disguised units
Engineer none
  • Epsilon's essential field support infantry
  • Able to capture enemy buildings, tech buildings and empty vehicles
  • Repairs bridges and friendly structures
  • Detects Crazy Ivan bombs and Arsonist incendiary charge
Bloatick Radar Spire
  • Epsilon's biomechanical kamikaze creature
  • Detonates on attack or death from enemy weapons, leaving behind poison clouds
Brute Radar Spire
  • Epsilon's melee tank hunter and assault infantry
  • Armed with only fists to crush vehicles and dismember infantry
Dunerider Pandora Hub
  • Epsilon's hit-and-run infantry
  • Armed with toxic grenades that is effective against infantry and structures
  • Amphibious
  • Detects stealth
  • Deploy to propel their anti-gravity boards while throwing down plenty of grenades, damaging itself and nearby enemies
Epsilon Adept Pandora Hub
  • SCicon Scorpion Cell and HQicon Epsilon Headquarters' psychic
  • Utilizes his own mind to seize control of an enemy unit
  • Deploy to unleash a psychic blast that overwhelms the minds of nearby infantry, resulting in death
Epsilon Elite Pandora Hub
  • PCicon PsiCorps' superior psychic to Epsilon Adept
  • Utilizes his own mind to seize control of an enemy unit
  • Amphibious
  • Deploy to unleash a psychic blast that overwhelms the minds of nearby infantry, resulting in death
  • Epsilon's espionage infantry
  • Can disguise as enemy infantry
  • Infiltrates enemy structures
  • Can demolish bridges with demolition charges
  • SCicon Scorpion Cell's vehicle thief
  • Can disguise as enemy infantry
  • Hijacks enemy vehicles with a handy crowbar
  • Cannot be crushed by enemy vehicles
  • HQicon Epsilon Headquarters' siege infantry
  • Armed with an imploder that pulverizes structures and a drain cannon that saps the psychic energy of enemy infantry while healing friendly ones
Virus Cloning Vats
  • Epsilon's sniper
  • Armed with a sniper rifle with virulent darts whose victims slowly succumb to the pathogen, then releases poison clouds on death
  • Does not reveal position when attacking
  • PCicon PsiCorps' psychotic commando
  • Armed with custom explosive darts that are effective against nearly everything; not even air units are safe
  • Amphibious
  • Detects stealth
  • Deploy to utilize gravity field that topples over vehicles while receiving an increase in armor
  • Only one can be present at a time
  • SCicon Scorpion Cell's inconspicuous commando
  • Armed with a self-made kinetic blade to slice through infantry and armor like mere cloth
  • Cloaked, even while attacking
  • EVA does not announce the deaths of Malver's victims
  • Detects stealth
  • Deploy to weaken nearby enemy infantry and vehicles in firepower and armor via cognitive suppression
  • Only one can be present at a time
  • HQicon Epsilon Headquarters' sadistic commando
  • Armed with the Terranova beam that transforms enemy infantry into Brutes, but does not harm friendly ones
  • Detects stealth
  • Only one can be present at a time


Act Two

  • The Epsilon Barracks makes its debut as a buildable structure in The Conqueror alongside other Epsilon buildings.


  • In spite of its official description, the selection sound of the Epsilon Barracks actually uses the quote "Yuri is master" from the Initiate, but given an echo effect.

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