The Epsilon Headquarters (often shortened to Epsilon HQ, Headquarters or HQ), is a division of the Epsilon Army that, as its name suggests, are based at the Epsilon main base and central command in Antarctica.


The Epsilon Headquarters is the defense force of Epsilon’s central hub of operations on the Antarctic continent. As the Epsilon division is dedicated wholly to the protection of Yuri’s ultimate weapon, they work to push the boundaries of military technology further than most would dare think of.

Thanks to extensive research into genetic manipulation, Headquarters’ infantry ranks are filled with mutant super soldiers, culminating in the perfect killing machine, Rahn. But even this is not enough. The Epsilon Headquarters is also the manufacturer of the imposing Aerial Fortress Irkalla, assuring the complete inaccessibility of their frozen stronghold.


The Epsilon Headquarters division was founded sometime between the end of the Third World War and the Mental Omega War. They have taken over Antarctica for the Epsilon Army and made it their primary base of operations.

By the time Yuri's forces were ready for war, they have already completed the first stealth tank, the Shadow Tank, which was instrumental in causing turmoil within the heart of Russia.

To further cause chaos, they developed a dangerous genevirus and deployed it in a Latin Confederation Headquarters and thus the first genetically mutated humans (including their commando Rahn), were brought into the fold.

When Yuri knew that the Allies were still a threat in his global conquest, he launched an assault deep within London with the Epsilon HQ's prized possession: the Aerial Fortress Irkalla. Though initially successful, it was unable to destroy the unknown flying device that was launched in the final phases of the invasion that halted time and wiped out the entire Epsilon strike force.

As the majority of their technology are still being developed over the early stages of the Mental Omega War, the Epsilon Headquarters had little presence in the war beyond Antarctica. In fact, their tanks were barely finished by the time the Allies had launched their aforementioned unknown aircraft.

However, once the tanks were completed, the Epsilon Headquarters begin to mobilize in Asia, to hamper the research of China.


The Epsilon Headquarters utilizes a mixture of genetic manipulation technology, stealth tactics and territorial control as their strategy.

Stealth technology is one of Epsilon HQ's most impressive technologies. Shadow Tanks are excellent scouts and ambush units, capable of avoiding detection. Hazequads can deploy to turn into a mobile stealth generator that cloak units nearby. Another role of Epsilon HQ is infantry warfare. Stalkers are among the most dangerous infantry serving as both artillery support and infantry healer, thus making a good combination with Brutes on the front line. Rahn can turn any unlucky infantry to loyal brutes immediately with its mutation weapon. Epsilon HQ are also adept at defensive tactics and territorial control as well. Their epic unit Aerial Fortress Irkalla is one of the most powerful defensive units in the game.

Epsilon HQ's vehicles are considered to be versatile and multipurpose in combat. For example, Opus Tank is a unique main battle tank capable of infantry transport. Colossus can switch from ground combat to air combat quickly. This allow Epsilon HQ to be flexible and adapt to combat situations accordingly.

However, Epsilon Headquarters has a couple of weaknesses. Its emphasis on infantry warfare means heavier reliance on the Cloning vats, and more susceptible to anti-infantry tactics. Although stealth technology is powerful, ambushes become less effective when the opponent has plenty of stealth detection in the game.







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