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The War Factory is yet another important structure for Epsilon, which are responsible for producing Epsilon vehicles.

Official description

The War Factory allows for the production of Epsilon's varied and often bizarre war machines on the battlefield. What strange technologies are used to produce these strange vehicles is anyone's guess. The more War Factories a commander has on the field, the faster vehicles are built.[1]


The Epsilon War Factory builds the following vehicles/aircraft:

Standard vehicles

Icon Unit Requirements Description
Ghost Miner Epsilon Ore Refinery
  • Epsilon's ore miner
  • Harvests and unloads ore equivalent to 1000 credits (2000 for gems)
  • Cloaked, but reveals itself periodically
Gatling Tank none
  • Epsilon's basic anti-infantry/anti-air vehicle
  • Armed with 2 gatling cannons that increases in damage output the longer it fires
  • Capable of engaging ground and air targets
Lasher Light Tank none
  • PCicon PsiCorps' main battle tank
  • Armed with a 110mm cannon that has a built-in auto loading system, which allows it to fire 4 shells rapidly
Mantis Light Tank none
  • SCicon Scorpion Cell's main battle tank
  • Armed with a 90mm cannon to deal with enemy vehicles
  • Repairs nearby fellow Mantis Tanks when destroyed thanks to its malleable materials
Opus Custom Tank none
  • PCicon Epsilon Headquarters' main battle tank
  • Armed with a 100mm cannon against opponents
  • Capable of transporting 1 passenger, who is able to operate a secondary barrel that doubles the firepower of the Opus Tank
Stinger none
  • Epsilon's robotic walker
  • Armed with acid sprayer that quickly melts infantry
  • Detects stealth and disguised enemies
  • Has 1 passenger slot for infantry
  • Becomes a fast repair vehicle when an Engineer is on board
Epsilon MCV Radar Spire
Driller APC Radar Spire
  • Epsilon's infantry transport
  • Utilizes a large tungsten coated, titanium drill to burrow underground to bypass natural obstacles and avoid enemy interception
  • Has 3 passenger slots
  • Unarmed
Marauder Pandora Hub
  • PCicon PsiCorps' all-terrain tank
  • Amphibious
  • Armed with a thermal beam to incinerate enemy armor and infantry
Speeder Trike Pandora Hub
  • SCicon Scorpion Cell's swift anti-armor motorcycle
  • Armed with RPG-S launchers that are effective against vehicles
Shadow Tank Pandora Hub
  • HQicon Epsilon Headquarters' stealth tank
  • Cloaked unless attacking
  • Armed with two dissolver beams able to melt infantry and armored vehicles with ease
  • Deploy to hold fire until given the order to undeploy
  • Detects stealth
  • PCicon PsiCorps' ultimate mind control tank
  • Able to mind control multiple units with its altered brain, even beyond its limit of three units
  • Mind controlling more than 3 units result in a brainwave overload, damaging the Mastermind until it is destroyed or returns to 3 or less mind controlled units
  • Gains experience by taking it from the mind-controlled units
  • PCicon PsiCorps' support and siege vehicle
  • Armed with magnetic coils that immobilizes enemy vehicles, ships and some infantry
  • Magnetic coils are also used to tear down enemy structures
  • Amphibious
Gehenna Platform
  • PCicon PsiCorps' dedicated anti-air vehicle
  • Unarmed, but instead launches a Dybbuk-Interceptor from long distances against enemy aircraft
  • SCicon Scorpion Cell's toxic monster tank
  • Armed with toxic pills that are effective against infantry and structures
  • Utilizes subterranean travel like the Driller
  • Explodes violently when destroyed, leaving behind virulent explosions and poisonous gas clouds
Plague Splatter
  • SCicon Scorpion Cell's cheap artillery
  • Armed with toxic barrels that are flung with a catapult against enemy fortifications
  • Weapon corrodes enemy armor, be it infantry or mechanical, reducing it for a few seconds
  • SCicon Scorpion Cell's anti-air support vehicle
  • Armed with oxidizers that are corrosive to the armor of aircraft, reducing it. This effect is stackable.
  • Weapon deals no damage at all
  • HQicon Epsilon Headquarters' heavy assault tank
  • Armed with plasma blasters that fire rapidly to eradicate vehicles and structures at the same rate
  • Deploy to use plasma blasters against aircraft; slower or stationary aircraft within close proximity take more damage
  • HQicon Epsilon Headquarters' mobile stealth generator
  • Deploy to generate a psychic illusion field around itself that cloaks nearby units
  • Unable to cloak itself when deployed
  • Unarmed

Standard aircraft

Icon Unit Requirements Description
Invader Radar Spire
  • Epsilon's primary aircraft
  • Armed with a dissolver beam that liquefies infantry and aircraft armor alike
  • Able to disable defenses/power plants and steal credits from Ore Refineries with its parasite pull
  • Epsilon's anti-structure aircraft
  • Armed with a plasma generator to raze structures into the ground
Aerial Fortress Irkalla
  • HQicon Epsilon Headquarters' aerial epic unit
  • Armed with dissolver beams and imploders to gain and ensure territorial control for the Epsilon Headquarters army
  • Only one can be present at a time

Stolen Tech

Icon Unit Requirements Description
  • Epsilon's multi-purpose combat vehicle derived from Allied adaptation systems and Epsilon magnetic technology
  • Armed with a Drain beam that tears apart vehicles and steals its weapons once the Scavenger is able to destroy a vehicle
  • Utilizes an altered adaptation system afterwards that gives the Scavenger a more powerful weapon than the original one that lasts for the Scavenger's entire lifetime
  • Epsilon's specialized anti-ground vehicle out of Soviet tesla technology and Epsilon psychic technology
  • Fires psionic bolts from enhanced coils that are effective against nearly everything on the ground
  • Utilizes subterranean travel like the Driller
  • Tesla weapons heal the Wormqueen instead of damaging it
  • Epsilon's heavy assault aircraft derived from Foehn confusion technology and Epsilon anti-gravitic technology
  • Armed with numerous ARO launchers that obliterates any foe, be it infantry, vehicle or aircraft
  • Built-in confusion ray and confusion field generator causes chaos among enemy formations


Act Two

  • The Epsilon War Factory makes its debut as a buildable structure in The Conqueror alongside other Epsilon buildings.
  • In the Covert Ops mission Brothers in Arms, destroying all Epsilon War Factories is one of the mission objectives.

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