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As Morales becomes a target of Yuri's assassination squads, he sends out a distress signal from Rio de Janeiro to what's left of the main Soviet Command in America. The Soviets deploy a limited taskforce to protect and evacuate him from the site.
- Mission description

Exist to Exit is the third mission in the Act Two Soviet campaign. This mission marks the debuts of Fury Drone and Smoke Turret.


Following his daring escape from Stalington, the Soviet General learned that the situation is worse than what he could imagine; Yuri himself had returned from the shadows and attacked the Soviets where it hurts the most – Moscow is lost and Premier Romanov is dead. The General have no choice but to regroup the remaining Soviet forces in order to prepare for a counter-attack.

Amidst the hectic situation, the Soviet command receive a distress call from Morales, who were on a reconnaissance mission in South America to confirm his suspicions whether the enemy had established a foothold in the region. Morales claimed that after the war, he was traumatized following Boris' death which stops him from carrying out his mission, but he managed to track down Epsilon forces in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. However, he is surrounded by Epsilon forces there just as the Soviet command managed to pick up his signal.

Although the General is still at loss on Premier Romanov's death, he eventually realized that Yuri is targeting Soviet leaders, high-ranking officials and distinguished operatives, as proven with Boris' death two years earlier, and cannot afford to let Morales be another victim of Yuri's nefarious plans. Earlier the Soviets sent a small relief force to rescue Morales, but they too end up being surrounded. The General decides to step in, relying on the advanced X-Migs and Fulton surface-to-air recovery system to rescue Morales before it is too late.

Before his departure to Rio de Janeiro, the General read Morales' brief report which mentioned that he had seen the Epsilon performing unethical experimentations on the local populace with Cloning Vats. Knowing that he can't let Yuri give him another nasty surprise, the General decides to disrupt these experiments as well.


Ready and waiting

Destroy the strange base


Morales is now safe in a base that's off-limits for Yuri's forces. For now. In his debriefing he mentions witnessing a female among the PsiCorps troops being locked up in a the capsule that we have confirmed has been destroyed with a sudden nuclear explosion.
- Battlefield report

Morales' rescue was a close call, but at least the deadly sniper is now safe from any further assassination attempts, and he thanked the General for saving his life. He also reported to the General that he saw a female being locked in a capsule that suddenly self-destructed in a nuclear explosion.

Later, the General received news that Yuri is trying to activate a Psychic Amplifier on the ruins of Chicago. He quickly deployed his forces to seize the Amplifier for their use before the American rebels can do so.

Difficulty changes

  • Starting credits: 55000 on Easy, 45000 on Normal, 40000 on Mental.




  • The map uses a similar layout as Rio Insurrection, the first mission in Kane's Wrath. It's also based on a standard mode map called Morales' Sanctuary.