The Field Bureau is an essential structure for the Soviets, which grants access to more advanced technologies and allows them to create Battle Bunkers anywhere on the battlefield and deploy a Drakuv Prison Vehicle after any of the Soviet labs is built. It also holds abducted enemy infantry in captive and allows the Soviet commander to train them at their Barracks.


The Field Bureau is the primary Soviet intelligence building on the battlefield. Construction of this structure marks the first step of a local technology advancement for all weapon branches. But the most important feature of the Bureau is its capability to imprison enemy infantry, and gain insights into the inner workings of their technology and weaponry.

Using the Drakuv Prison Vehicle, which can be deployed from a Field Bureau once any of the Soviet labs is constructed, it is possible to capture enemy soldiers and move them into this building in order to analyze the weapons and equipment they are using. Afterwards, these soldiers can then be trained by the owner of the Field Bureau which has taken the prisoner in. Keep in mind that if an enemy infiltrator enters this building, all data regarding the captured technology will be lost.


Besides its role as the Tier 2 access structure, the Field Bureau also grants access to the following support powers:

Icon Support Power Description
Gbnkicon Instant Shelter A Battle Bunker can be created anywhere on the battlefield for reinforcing the rest of the Soviet army. Instant Shelter has a price tag of $800 but takes 5:30 to recharge.
Ravaicon Drakuv Prison Vehicle For a price of $1800, a Drakuv Prison Vehicle can be deployed close to the Field Bureau to provide healing to nearby Soviet soldiers and more importantly, tranquilize wounded enemy soldiers and brainwash them to serve the Soviet war machine. However, it is not unarmed, as it is equipped with frontal grinders to tear apart nuisances that would disrupt its purpose. It requires 5:30 to recharge, so a Soviet general should not use them recklessly.

In order for a general to exploit the utility of the Field Bureau, he must first deploy the Drakuv once it is ready for deployment. Next, he must capture the infantry he wishes to train using these Drakuvs (the infantry need to be weakened first however). While the converted "victim" can be ordered to the front lines against his/her former allegiances, they can also be ordered to enter the Field Bureau, effectively granting access to train said infantry, without tech restrictions from the commander. Good candidates for conversion include Field Medics, Snipers/Viruses (since the Soviets lack any long-range anti-infantry except Morales), and Knightframes.

The Field Bureau also has a prisoner trade aspect (it is simply "selling infantry" by ordering them to enter said building, with half of their worth acquired by the commander; even the commander's infantry could be imprisoned and sold) which is another option to consider when the commander has ran out of funds but has plenty of infantry.

However, not all infantry can be accessed after being put into the Field Bureau, the notable example being civilians. Also, should an enemy infiltrator enters the structure, all captured infantry data will be lost.

Due to its aforementioned role, the Field Bureau should not be left undefended, as Soviet Tier 2 is a powerhouse in the midgame that a Soviet general should not afford to lose.

Notable appearances

  • In Happy Birthday, after the Latin Confederation base is established, the player must build a Field Bureau to contact Morales, making him controllable.
  • In Wrong Side, player is required to capture a Field Bureau to locate the Topol-Ms.
  • In Singularity, a Field Bureau is one of the targets to be destroyed by the player.
  • In Blood Rage, after the player's Infiltrator infiltrates the Chinese Field Bureau, it will fall under control of the player (alongside the two Sentry Guns nearby, if they have not been previously destroyed), and must be defended for 8 minutes from Chinese attacks.

Behind the scenes

  • In 3.0 and previous versions, Soviet tier 2 was provided by the Radar Tower, which also provided access to radar and Spy Plane, which are now unlocked by the Airbase.
  • Sometime during development for 3.3, the Field Bureau was going to be named as "Prison Facility" and was exclusive to the Latin Confederation.