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The Fury Drone is a kamikaze drone used by the Latin Confederation, which burrows into the ground and lies in wait until an enemy gets close, at which it will surprise them by leaping onto the unfortunate enemy before exploding.


Latin Confederation's Fury Drones keep hiding wherever they're least expected, buried deep in the ground and hidden from sight. When the right moment comes, they propel themselves from their positions, detonating upon landing close or atop their victims.

Fury Drones are perfect infantry and vehicle killers, but they do not become active until they are deployed. Their position can be changed even after the drone has already hidden itself, but if found out it can be destroyed as easily as the Terror Drones if proper weapons are used against them. Once a Fury Drone makes its leap of death, nothing prevents it from leaving a mess behind.



  • Fury Drones are introduced in Exist to Exit, they are placed at entrances and they protected the base from PsiCorps' forces.
  • They also appear in Stormbringer, a few of Fury Drones are used to protect Russian base from Pacific Front's intruding, stopping them taking the eastern part of the island.


  • Highly destructive against units, infantry and even buildings.
  • Cloaked when deployed while waiting for an ambush.
  • Very fast, can move quickly into ambush positions.
  • Deployment is not permanent, meaning it still can reposition itself after deployed.
  • Inexpensive suicide unit ($600).
  • Successful explosion also creates fire around the area, damaging nearby units.
  • Being a drone, immune to poison, radiation, mind control, hijacking.
  • Long jumping range.
  • Can detect disguised enemies.
  • Can enter smaller transports (takes 2 slots).

  • Very fragile.
  • When detected by the enemy, it can be destroyed easily.
  • Cannot target aircraft.
  • Bad trade if the Fury Drone automatically acquires, jumps and explodes on trivial targets. This means it has to be micromanaged constantly for full effectiveness.
  • Only available at Tier 3, after a Battle Lab is built.
  • Has no defenses of its own while in mobile form.


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