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- A Future Tank X-0 in battle
The Future Tank X-0 is the prototype of an Allied heavy robotic tank.


The Allies have always lacked truly powerful, heavily armored vehicles that were also capable of resisting Yuri's mind control. So Japan's most advanced weapon manufacturer Kanegawa Industries was contracted to build the perfect anti-armor tank. A tank that could dish out massive punishment, and take it just as easily. What they came up with, was the Future Tank X-0, a completely robotic, autonomous tank, armored with the thickest of alloys, yet still being maneuverable enough to reach reasonable speeds.

Two powerful burst-fire beam cannons allow the Future Tank to cut through almost all armor with no difficulty. In short, the X-0 is a marvel of engineering. Although powerful, the Future Tank is ill-equipped to combat infantry forces. Due to its prototypical nature and high production costs, the X-0 is only available to Allied commanders under special circumstances.


Act One


Behind the scenes

  • The voxel of the Future Tank X-0 (named as Cyclops) is available for public download to be used by other modders. The link can be found here.
  • In 3.0, the Future Tank X-0 was a stolen tech unit buildable by the Allies in skirmish games by infiltrating both an enemy Allied Construction Yard and Tech Center. With the revamp of the stolen tech system in 3.3, the Future Tank X-0 was replaced by the Quickshifter, although it still appears in the campaign. Its successor, the Future Tank Alpha, was also introduced in 3.3 as an Allied stolen tech unit unlocked by infiltrating a Foehn Cloud Piercer.

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