Game modes in Mental Omega 3.3 are available in both skirmishes and multiplayer games. Currently, there are 12 game modes are available to play with 12 subfactions (e.g. United States, Russia, PsiCorps, Haihead, etc.). The mod allows over 400 maps in skirmish and online to be played.



The most commonly played game in Mental Omega. It is similar to regular skirmish in Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. Formerly known as Battle and Teams in 3.0.

No Bases

As the game mode states, there is no base building of any kind; instead, players only have their starting units of various composition (including stolen tech units). The only way to win is to beat enemy player's main unit that replaces the MCV, the Centurion Siege Crawler, if Short Game is enabled. Careful micromanagement is a must in this gamemode, as there is no way to train/construct more units other than from random crates. This mode also fixes starting unit count to 50 (enforced by the client).

Tech Share

This mode allows one to play a faction with all of the subfaction's technology (e.g. if playing as the Allies, all USA, European Alliance and Pacific Front technolgy are available).

Infantry Only

This mode disables war factories (including vehicles, aircraft and epic units), naval shipyards (including ships), airforce command (except Tech Airport), economy boosters (e.g. Ore Purifier, Reprocessor) and the Last Bastion Plasmerizer excluding all the faction's ore miners, Paradrop planes, Spy Plane, Recon Sortie planes and Coronian Harbinger. Limited MCV is enabled , while Stolen Tech Units, and No Naval Combat are disabled (which is enforced by the client). All the subfaction's technology of the faction are combined and adjusted for availability. Same mechanics as Standard game mode.

Unholy Alliance

This mode disables Mental AI Boost (enforced by the client). It allows starting a game with all 4 MCVs of each faction to play with, every technology of all subfactions are now under the player's control. Most technology buildings have a reduced price in this mode as well.

Ultimate Alliance

This mode is the same as Unholy Alliance, but when Eco boosters like the Allied Ore Purifier are built, stolen tech units are available to be made.


Players attempt to attack their enemy's flag while protecting their own. Destroying the player Flag automatically results in defeat for its owner.


Players attempt to capture the enemy's flag while protecting their own. Capturing a player Flag with Engineers automatically results in defeat for its owner.


This mode disables No Naval Combat (enforced by the client). Players start a base on an island. Players must attack the base using naval and air assaults. This mode allows building of naval transports like Voyagers from War Factories instead of Shipyards.


This mode disables Superweapons (enforced by the client). Either start on an empty (as the attackers) or fortified area (as the defenders). The attackers must destroy the defenders' fortified base whereas the latter do the same before being overwhelmed by the attackers' superior numbers.

King of the Hill

Capture a Psychic Beacon on the middle of the map and defend it from enemy capture. When the beacon is on the player's or team's side for 20 ingame minutes (6 ingame minutes per minute), the game ends.

Oil Control

This mode disables the refinery, ore miners, ore and economy boosters (e.g. Ore Purifier, Reprocessor). Same game mechanics as Standard mode. This mode also enables Immune Oil Derricks (enforced by the client). Players must capture, earn money and defend the only sources of income, the Oil Derricks and Deposit Banks before the enemy does.

Bounty Hunt

This mode disables the refinery, ore miners, ore and economy boosters (e.g. Ore Purifier, Reprocessor). This mode also replaces the Tech Oil Derricks with Tech Supply Bunkers where the player can garrison their troops to receive crates. This mode also enables Immune Oil Derricks (enforced by the client) to make the Supply Bunker immune to everything unless Bunker is destroyed including the owner's garrisoned infantry if he is defeated. Same game mechanics as Standard mode. The only way to earn money is the units' or building's bounty. The higher the veterancy, the higher the bounty.

Older game modes (3.0 and older)

Meteor Shower

This mode allows players to build structures and train units faster while your AI using "magical cheating powers" against you. This mode is only available in 3.0 BR1.

Own Tempo

This mode disables players to build defenses in their bases, unfortunately they must use their units to defend it. This mode is only available in 1.2.


This mode makes everything in the battlefield cloaked. This mode is only available is 1.2.

Bugs and glitches

  • A known glitch was found after the crates are collected from the Supply Bunker in Bounty Hunt, where sometimes one of the bunkers have no crates appearing again. This was an engine bug.
  • In the previous update, owner's player flags may be located on random bases that isn't theirs. Some of the players didn't know there is a bug, a problem that players will start a game at random locations. This bug is fixed on 3.3.1.


  • The standard mode resembles Battle and Teams modes, there will be also another option that there will be Ally Change Ingame setting in all modes.
  • During development for 3.3, there were placeholder names for some game modes:
    • Oil Control was named Petrowar.
    • Tech Share was named MixTech.
    • Unholy Alliance was named AllTech.
    • Meteor Shower in 3.0 (which is now the Mental AI Boost option) was named Overdrive.

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