The Geneplug is an add-on for the Epsilon Headquarters Pandora Hub, which grants them full access to the HQ's arsenal.

Official description

The Geneplug upgrade, unique to Epsilon's Headquarters subfaction, grants them full technology access and a variety of support powers based on their genetic research. Upgrading the Pandora Hub to acquire the complete weapons array and accompanying support powers can give an Epsilon Proselyte the edge he needs to overcome his enemies in battle.[1]


Besides unlocking the full potential of Epsilon Headquarters' genetic and illusory arsenal, as well as their epic unit, the Aerial Fortress Irkalla, the Geneplug is responsible for providing the following support powers:

Icon Support Power Description
Kinetic Barrier Epsilon HQ proselytes are able to increase the resilience of their infantry ranks with a Kinetic Barrier applied to them. This support power costs nothing but takes 6:00 to recharge.
Geneburst A sudden cloud of mutation gas can be deployed anywhere in the battlefield to mutate enemy soldiers into loyal Brutes or outright severely damage them. This support power costs $800 and takes 6:30 to recharge.


  • Version 3.3.0 
    • Change: Now grants access to Tier 3.
    • Change: Now requires Pandora Hub and Radar Spire instead of Pandora Hub alone.
    • Nerf: Price increased from $500 to $3000.
    • Nerf: Power requirement increased from 25 to 200.
  • Version 3.0 Added.

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  1. Epsilon Structures page on the official Mental Omega website