The Genomines are defensive mines used by the Epsilon Headquarters. Basically landmines buried in the ground, it releases mutation gas when triggered that will turn enemy infantry exposed to it into Brutes.

Official description

It is said the snows of the Antarctic are full of these. The Genomines are dangerous contraptions hidden deep underground with their presence additionally hidden with the use of Yuri's psychic illusion tricks. Whenever an infantry battalion approaches one of these, the Genomine explodes violently and releases large amounts of deadly Terminus strain gas which causes rapid mutation of humans, turning them into Brutes, loyal to the Genomine's owner.[1]


Genomines give the Epsilon Headquarters an additional defense option against hordes of infantry should Dybbuk-Evolvers be too expensive to build or if the presence of anti-air is too much for these jets to handle. Due to its role as a hidden mine, enemy commanders may not even realize the Epsilon Headquarters base has Genomines scattered around it until it is too late to save their infantry squadrons from mutating into Brutes. Alternatively, the enemy can be discouraged to use infantry in the first place when assaulting the Epsilon Headquarters base, enabling the subfaction's proselyte to have dominance of his infantry in the battlefield.


  • The Genomines first appears in Unthinkable as a buildable structure.

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