The Godsbane is the upgraded version of the Giantsbane created when one is infused by a Nanofiber Sync. They trade off their weapons and a bit of armor to make them not only resistant to EMP, but also gives them a nanofiber thread attack capable of taking down virtually any ground target.


With a rich infusion of nanofibers, the Giantsbane sacrifices some of its armored protection in order to enhance its weapon systems. Two additional cannons, making it look as though it has four limbs, are mounted on the sides of its torso. Instead of using Golden Rocket launchers, the Godsbane instead mounts experimental weaponized nanofiber launchers. These nanofibers are capable of punching through enemy armor and structures with incredible speed and force.

Just as its original form is said to be a ‘bane of giants’, the Godsbane itself is more than capable of instilling fear in the gods themselves.


If you believe that the Last bastion Giantsbane is a powerful formidable foe, think again. If the Last Bastion needed to bring to bear more firepower, they can infuse Giantsbanes with a Nanofiber Sync that transforms them into mighty Godsbanes. These hulking soldier are perhaps the most powerful infantry the Last Bastion have. Armed with a powerful experimental nanofiber launcher, they can easily tear down vehicles and buildings.

The Godsbane's main weapon is considered a nightmare to any ground-based target. Its nanofiber threads can easily pierce through any type of armor or structure, faring much better than a Giantsbane's Golden Rockets. The nanofiber threads also have a slight splash damage effect, enabling them to damage group of units effectively. As an added bonus, nanofiber threads can also stun units and structures for a short period of time, allowing Godsbanes to score more free hits.

Like Giantsbane, they are immune to the mauling attacks of Attack Dogs and Spooks. They also gain an immunity to EMP weapons and become uncrushable to any vehicle.

Godsbanes still suffer a few drawbacks. Unlike the Giantsbane, a Godsbane cannot defend itself from hostile air units. Also, while it no longer possesses the long range stun gun, it can attack infantry but does rather minimal damage against them. As the sync also boosts their damage output at the cost of durability, they are slightly less resistant to weapons fire than the Giantsbane. Moreover, despite their EMP immunity, Godsbanes can still be immobilized by magnetic weapons.


  • Very destructive against armored vehicles and structures.
  • Attacks can hit multiple targets.
  • Weapon briefly stuns ground units and disables buildings.
  • Decent attack range.
  • Stronger firepower than Giantsbane.
  • Still very durable.
  • Immune to Dogs and Spooks.
  • Immune to EMP.
  • Cannot be crushed by any vehicles.

  • Requires Nanofiber Sync to upgrade.
  • Vulnerable to magnetic weapons.
  • Fairly slow.
  • Less durable than the Giantsbane.
  • Loses its ability to attack aircraft.
  • Takes 3 slots in transports.


The Godsbane uses the same quotes as the Giantsbane with some additions:

When selected

  • Nanofiber sync stable.
  • We have risen.
  • The winds are changing.

When ordered to fire

  • K and boom.


  • The Godsbane uses the death sounds of the Stalker, but lower pitched. The same applies to the Giantsbane.
  • The Godsbane's old description references Thor Gunship and Perun Flagship, both are coincidentally named after gods in mythologies.
    • Ironically, both of them are air units and the Godsbane has no anti-air attack.

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