The London Fortress of the Euro Alliance has stood intact far too long for Yuri's arising Epsilon empire to tolerate it and as worrying reports from England continue to cumulate, Yuri sets the invasion that will finish the Euro Alliance off in motion.
- Mission description

Operation: Godsend is the fifth mission of the Act Two Epsilon campaign. This mission marks the debut of the Aerial Fortress Irkalla as it is chronoshifted into London carrying an elite task force, with the purpose of destroying the Allies' London fortress.


Yuri's Message: "Proselyte! The time has come to topple the last vestige of Allied control in the world; their fortress in London, which is heavily defended, has stood for far too long. Where the Soviet operation to claim the islands had failed, with our capture of the original Chronosphere in Germany, combined with the related tech we've retrieved in Kanegawa Industries facilities all those years ago, the pieces are now in place for our plan to succeed.

While the Allies are distracted with our naval and aerial armies coming along the coast, the actual part of our invasion will come from within. With the aid of the Chronosphere, we shall shift in one of our newest technological advancements: the Aerial Fortress Irkalla, armed with a battalion of our most elite and loyal followers. Take care not to let Irkalla get destroyed, it is vital in this operation. In tandem, these forces shall make the London Fortress burn.

The Allies have constructed what seems to be a large shelter in the city, housing many of their military units. Destroying it surely will cripple their combat potential. Make it a priority. "

Objective 1: Destroy the Shield Command protecting the SteinsTech Hangar.
Objective 2: Destroy the SteinsTech Hangar and the Allied forces.
Aerial Fortress Irkalla must not be destroyed.


Arriving in the heart of the city

Aerial Fortress Irkalla was successfully chronoshifted to the south of the city, releasing 6 Epsilon Elites, 6 Initiates and 6 Archers. Advisor found a mega-building on the opposite side of the British Parliament. The Allied forces continued to gather troops in that building. It seemed that they wanted to launch a massive chrono raid on Epsilon. This task force quickly launched its operations and solved once and for all the infantry who perceive their presence.

At this time, the advisor gained new information: Most of the defense structures in the city were protected by Force Shield. Although it was impossible to cut off the power that was not available to Epsilon, which was located underground in the city, the Proselyte could destroy the protection of the defenses by destroying nearby Shield Commands. The second piece of information was that there were many Mirage Tanks in the area that were ambushed inside the shroud generated by Gap Generators, so the Proselyte needs to be carefully searched using mind-controlled units. After solving more Allied forces to suppress, the advisor discovered several Engineers on the northwest side and advised the Proselyte to make good use of them.

Culling the defenders

Irkalla forcibly destroyed the Shield Command in the southeast, unprotected the Patriot Missile Sites, and then retreated westward. Epsilon Elites controlled a number of Cavalier Tanks and Archon AMCs stationed there. Initiates and Archers were constantly stationed in civilian buildings to carry out their guerrilla tactics.

The annihilation of the southeast air defense outpost gave the task force a great advantage. Irkalla just advanced a lot, unplugged most of the Shield Commands especially on the western front. In the process, it prioritized air defense units such as Guardian GIs, Archon AMCs, Patriot Missile Sites, and even promoted to elite level; they also eliminated Robot Tanks and Navy SEALs, allowing the Shadow Tank squad that was lurking in the southwest, near the C-3 region, to support them and took action. In the process of advancement, the ground forces also deliberately avoided the soldiers in the city called Chrono Legionnaires: as long as they were discovered, they cannot escape.

But the Proselyte soon discovered a strange phenomenon: even though they had penetrated the heart of the fortress of London, the Allied Forces did not come up with mobilizing many forces to encircle this task force, which caused him some thoughts, but anyway, he continued to perform this task.

With the help of Kinetic Barrier, the infantry squad can also continue guerrillas with Irkalla. Irkalla opened a road for Engineers' bases and accurately destroyed other troops stationed there, including Snipers. Soon Epsilon Elites dispatched to mind-control the Engineers and allowed them to capture the Allied base next to the C-2 region, giving the task force a greater advantage.

Pacifying the last defenses

This force soon reached the front of the British Parliament and eliminated the bridge's defensive forces. Particularly, this defensive force is also mixed with the cyan-colored American Aeroblazes. Then the Proselyte found a lot of Chrono Legionnaies on the opposite of the bridge, and he came up with a new tricky tactic: Let an Epsilon Elite move forward tentatively, so that a Chrono Legionnaie could be quickly chronoshifted in front of him and he could immediately take control of this legionnaire; after the control is over, let them retreat and then repeat another Epsilon Elite. Finally, the Proselyte simply assembled several Chrono Legionnaire and advanced to SteinsTech Hangar.

The Proselyte observed that the troops that had previously entered the hangar had disappeared and it appeared that they had already assembled. Next, he let Epsilon Elites took control of the Aeroblazes in front of Steins Hangar in an adventurous way. In exchange for a certain price, Irkalla had the opportunity to directly destroy Shield Command. Finally, the deepest Shield Command was destroyed by them, the Force Shield was removed, and the advisor immediately let the Proselyte destroy the hangar.

A mysterious machine rises

Paradox Engine

As the mysterious machine rises, time suddenly stopped.

But at this time an incredible thing happened. After the Force Shield was lifted, the skylight of the hangar was opened and a very strange giant aircraft appeared. Then, the neighborhood became blue, and after a few seconds, when the atmosphere returned to its original state, the task force had been completely destroyed, and the strange aircraft had run away.


They must have anticipated this. They knew we had the Chronosphere and could perform such an attack but they remained cool and stalled us long enough to let that machine lift off. This isn't good.
- Yuri's Message

The damage was done. London, and eventually the whole of the British Islands, fell to Epsilon's Forces as the Fortress devastated the European troops there.

However, at the closest opportunity in nearly destroying the SteinsTech Hangar, a flying vessel suddenly arose and causes time to stop instantly, destroying the Irkalla Fortress and wiping out its task force instantly, much to the Proselyte's surprise.

The Allies secret weapon; the Paradox Engine, took what was left of the Euro Alliance forces and retreated elsewhere. Epsilon forces would follow on behind and try to destroy the Engine before it could power up its weapon again.


In this mission, the Irkalla serves as a mobile radar. If its HP becomes red, the radar is turned off and shroud is reset.



  • The mission uses a unique music during gameplay.
    • Another unique music will be played at the end of the mission.