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The London Fortress of the Euro Alliance has stood intact far too long for Yuri's arising Epsilon empire to tolerate it and as worrying reports from England continue to cumulate, Yuri sets the invasion that will finish the Euro Alliance off in motion.
- Mission description

Godsend is the fifth mission of the Act Two Epsilon campaign. This mission marks the debut of the Aerial Fortress Irkalla as it is chronoshifted into London carrying an elite taskforce, with the purpose of destroying the Allies' London fortress.


With the success of capturing the Chronosphere, the plan to attack the Allies right in the very heart in order to finish them once and for all is possible, therefore allowing the Epsilon to accomplish what the Soviets had failed in the Third World War.

To ensure the invasion of London goes uninterrupted, the Epsilon must lure the Allied main forces away, especially their impressive Commander. Yuri knows that if the Epsilon attack London while he and the majority of the Allied garrison are present, it will be a suicide. As a result, he orders the Scorpion Cell to construct a fake Psychic Amplifier and Beacon in Morocco to lure the Allied Commander's forces away from the Fortress, as he knows that they will be provoked to strike it, and launched a naval and aerial attack along the coasts of England to ensure everything is clear.

Yuri entrusts his second-in-command to unleash hell on the London Fortress and the unsuspecting Allies through the Epsilon's newest technological advances – a powerful flying fortress called Irkalla – and a contingent of elite, most loyal Epsilon troops chronoshifted right into the city. Yuri also told the Proselyte to ensure that the Irkalla remains operational.

The Proselyte also noticed that the Allies have constructed large complexes that sheltered many of their military forces. Therefore, he gave the order to prioritize the offensive to these complexes, hoping that it would cripple the Allied resistance and make the operation easier.


Arriving in the heart of the city

Culling the defenders

Pacifying the last defenses

A mysterious machine rises

Paradox Engine

As the mysterious machine rises, time suddenly stopped.


The damage was done. London, and eventually the whole of the British Islands, fell to Epsilon's Forces as the Fortress devastated the European troops there.

However, at the closest opportunity in nearly destroying the SteinsTech Hangar, a flying vessel suddenly arose and causes time to stop instantly, destroying the Irkalla Fortress and wiping out its task force instantly, much to the Proselyte's surprise.

The Allies secret weapon; the Paradox Engine, took what was left of the Euro Alliance forces and retreated elsewhere. Epsilon forces would follow on behind and try to destroy the Engine before it could power up its weapon again.


In this mission, the Irkalla serves as a mobile radar. If its HP becomes red, the radar is turned off and shroud is reset.



  • The mission uses a unique music during gameplay.
    • Another unique music will be played at the end of the mission.