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The Gyrocopter is a Chinese infantry that is similar to the Allied Rocketeer.


Instead of jetpacks for troopers, miniature copters with machine guns integrated were mass-produced which, though being less nimble and more haphazard than the Rocketeer, was better armed and could sustain more damage. When you hear these flying machines in the sky, death is soon to follow.



  • Versatile unit which can engage both air and ground targets.
  • Mobile with decent flying speed.
  • Weapon deals splash damage.
  • Effective at harassing enemy units.
  • Better armed and tougher than a Rocketeer.
  • Good scouting unit as it can travel across any terrain.
  • Quite cheap ($650), can be trained in numbers.

  • Fragile.
  • Vulnerable to any anti-aircraft weapons.
  • Weapons are fairly inaccurate and can cause friendly fire.
  • Not very effective against heavily armored vehicles and defensive structures.
  • Slower than a Rocketeer.
  • Only available at Tier 3, after an Atomheart is built.


The Gyrocopter is voiced by Divo F.

When selected

  • Gyroscopes calibrated.
  • An ancient idea.
  • The view is amazing from here.
  • Did I mention I fly?
  • I'm enjoying this. And you?

When ordered to move

  • So far, I'm still in the air.
  • Gyrocopter working.
  • I'll be right there.
  • We should race once this is over.
  • As fast as this lets me.

When ordered to attack

  • Let's see them running from this!
  • Teach them a lesson!
  • We need to protect our borders!
  • Scatter, ants!
  • They look so small from up here.

When under fire

  • Bicycle repairman, where are you!?
  • No more fun!
  • I want to ride my bike!!

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