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The Haihead is a division of the Foehn Revolt, acting as their dedicated strike force specializing in launching focused and effective attacks on enemy positions.

So far nothing is known about the Haihead due to the lack of a Foehn campaign.




Haihead is all about power and speed. They have high firepower with a mixture of fast mobile units. Haihead units like Cyclops Walker, Megalodon, and Shadray Sonic Tank can output a lot of damage in a short period of time, compared to what other factions can do. Their offensive units are further supported by either weakening structures with Syncronin infantry or creating suicidal units like the Diverbee that are able to pursue harassers other Haihead units cannot retaliate against.

Even if that's not enough, their heroes, Fin and Alize, make up one of the best duo heroes in the game, thanks to their ridiculous damage output and healing when close to each other. Last but definitely not the least, their epic unit, the M.A.D.M.A.N., is the ultimate way to cause massive destruction on anyone, either friend or foe.

However, even they have weaknesses. Some of Haihead units only take benefit at close range (particularly their mechanized walkers) so high micro is necessary. The hit points of Haihead units are lacking so take caution on not losing these units needlessly as they are quite expensive. Finally, while Haihead looks overpowered, they are countered by aggressive scouts or sabotaging units to prevent their kamikaze units from getting near to their enemies' units or bases.






Support powers



  • The word Hai has different meanings in several languages:
    • "Yes" in Japanese.
    • "Hey" or "Hello" in Malay/Indonesian.
    • "Sea" in Mandarin.
    • "Shark" in Estonian, Finnish and Norwegian, which may allude to the Foehn's symbol.

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