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The Hailstorm is a siege vehicle used by the Pacific Front. It is a mobile platform carrying a Hailhitter bomber jet which it uses to destroy enemy structures from a distance.


Raining icy destruction from the skies above, the Hailstorm is the Pacific Front's premier siege engine. Formerly used to combat forest fires in Australia, the Hailstorm makes use of a bomber aircraft that unleashes several payloads of high-yield cryogenic substances, turning buildings into brittle constructs which easily collapse under their own weight. Though incredibly effective against structures and other hardened targets, the vehicle's Hailhitter bomber is vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire.



  • The first Hailstorms appear in Rush Tactics, in a convoy protected by Battle Tortoises, Blizzard Tanks and Future Tanks. Their elimination is the goal of the two players, ensuring that they won't be put to use until much later in the war.
  • The Hailstorms are first put to use in Relentless. Some time after the player receives an MCV, a few Hailstorms will be given to the Allied Commander, although they aren't buildable yet.
  • The Hailstorm is first buildable in Hypothermia.


  • Very effective against infantry and structures, and adequate against lighter vehicles.
  • Can destroy structures and units from an incredible range.
  • Can strike targets with decent accuracy.
  • Most durable of the three Allied siege vehicles.
  • Can self-repair.
  • Immune to omnicrush.

  • Expensive ($1750).
  • Vulnerable against aircraft and anti-armor threats.
  • Its Hailhitter bomber is vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire.
  • Hailhitter takes time to return and reload after finishing its bombing run.
  • If the Hailhitter is shot down, it takes time for the Hailstorm to provide a replacement.
  • Not effective against heavier tanks.
  • Slow-moving.


The Hailstorm is voiced by Colonel Magus.

When selected

  • Today's forecast: Hailstorm.
  • Give us some introductions.
  • We hail from the clouds above.
  • Some say the world will end in ice.
  • Cloudy - with a chance of destruction.
  • We're ready.

When ordered to move

  • Let's move this thing.
  • Approaching.
  • When do we get to pound them?
  • An abrupt climate change...
  • On the rocks.
  • They are not prepared.

When ordered to attack

  • This one's on us.
  • Fly, my friend.
  • Turn them into slush.
  • It's super effective!
  • First we toy, then we destroy.
  • We're gonna mash every last one of them.


  • The Hailstorm bears resemblance to the concept art of ORCA Lift Truck, an unit that was planned for Renegade but was removed from the final release.
  • Azri_Apoc is credited as the voxel artist for Hailstorm.
  • In-game, the bomber is referred to as Hailjet when the cursor is hovered on it.

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