In order to break the chain of command, Romanov's chief adviser Yuri has requested an assassination of the U.S. president. With Latin Confederation's forces closing on the Alamo, the sharp shooter Colonel José Arcadio Morales moves in for the kill.
- Mission description

Happy Birthday is the third mission of the Act One Soviet campaign. The player takes control over a Confederate task force, tasked with assassinating the U.S. president Michael Dugan.


The Soviet invasion of the US continues as the Soviets continue to feel confident the momentum continues to favour them. However the central command is starting to see signs of the invasions slowing down. The Soviets underestimated the industrial output of the American heartland, new recruits flourishing in the American ranks and the Confederation's initial invasion of America being repulsed.

However, after the Soviet General's successful capture of San Francisco, files were found that showed that US President Michael Dugan had retreated to the Alamo in Texas. Although the American forces there are well entrenched, a Confederate task force, fortunately, has managed to break through the US lines. This task force also includes the infamous Cuban death squad commando: Morales.

The General is quickly put in command of the small Confederate task force and is given one mission: assassinate the President, thus crumbling the American morale.


Situation assessment

Prior to the operations commencement, Morales had successfully infiltrated the American rear lines via a commandeered ice cream truck. However the General needed to construct a Field Bureau before contact could be made with him.

For the assassination to be successful, the Soviets had to force the President to retreat to a nearby civilian airfield, which Yuri has assured would be the second most likely place the President would retreat to after a more vulnerable military airfield. It is here that Morales will be in a position to assassinate Dugan.

The attack begins

The forward element of the Confederate task force arrived to the most vulnerable point in the American defensive line. Thanks to the quick usage of a Bomb Buggy, it tore a hole in the defensive line that gave the attack force the opening they needed to sweep away the remaining defenders. The General then moved up the rest of the Confederate task force and quickly set about establishing a forward operating base.

However the Americans very quickly ascertained what had happened and, very quickly, ground and aerial forces were dispatched to assail the Confederate position. The first to respond were American paratroopers that put a significant amount of pressure on the General, forcing him to establish Flak Cannon defences and ordering Conscripts and Flak Troopers to garrison nearby civilian structures to help fend off the incoming attacks. Strategic usage of the repair drones helped to keep the few Confederate vehicles, that were in the area, alive. Incoming Warhawks and Bulldog tank battalions forced the General to commit a large amount of resources into building up more Flak Cannons, Battle Bunkers and Sentry Guns.

Informing Morales

With the Soviet position secure for the time being, the General was finally able to construct a Field Bureau and establish comms with Morales. With Morales now linked to the Soviet satellite system, he was now able to make his move to the perch where he could get a clean shot on the President. After fighting and dodging his way through rearguard American forces, Morales was successfully able to get into a position overlooking the civilian airfield.

At the same time as this was happening, the General began to push out and attack, using a force consisting mostly of Pyros, Tesla Troopers and Borillos with halftrack anti-air support, in addition to the liberal usage of Bomb Buggy's to destroy the entrenched American infantry. The General's forces were able to fight their way through the city and destroy the military airport, thus ensuring Dugan could only evacuate via the civilian airport.

Death of the President

The General's forces began to assault the Alamo, thus Dugan was quickly evacuated to the civilian airport for evacuation. With the President in his crosshairs, Morales successfully assassinated the President of the United States of America.

With the President's death, additional Soviet reinforcements were paradropped into the north west of the city. In addition, a stolen Stallion transport helicopter was made available to transport Morales into San Antonio proper. These forces assisted the General in sweeping away the remaining American resistance, thus ensuring a utter Soviet victory.


With the President dead, the American forces are in chaos and do not stand a chance against the might of Mother Russia. However, their allies in the Pacific have mustered a naval force and are approaching our eastern territories.
- Battlefield report

The assassination of President Michael Dugan served to significantly ruin American morale and went a long way in helping the Soviets in their invasion of America. In addition, securing San Antonio opened the way for Confederate forces to push into the south of the US.

As things looked up for the Soviets in the United States, things took a turn for the worse in Far East Russia. The Pacific Front has commenced an invasion on Vladivostok, a move Russia did not expect. They contacted China to help in the defence but they were slow to respond. Not wanting to wait for hours, Soviet High Command sent The General to Vladivostok to stop the invasion before it was too late.