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Newly gained intelligence reveals existence of facilities in which the Chinese are researching a new kind of weapon based on the skeleton of rebuilt hero Volkov, a fact that violates the recently signed treaty. The Russians begin their infiltration and send forces to investigate.
- Mission description

Heartwork is the sixth mission of the Soviet Act Two campaign. Just as the alliance between Russia and China is secured, Russian colonels Krukov and Reznov discover research conducted by China two years ago on Volkov after he was captured by them. To prevent the Chinese from producing a cybernetic army, which violates the newly-signed treaty and might pose a threat to Russia, Krukov and Reznov are ordered to lead a task force to infiltrate the research complex in Xinjiang, China.

This mission marks the debut of Knightframes (in the single player campaign; they first appeared in the co-op mission Cyberanatomy chronologically) as part of the Chinese arsenal, where they are known as Heavy Troopers, as well as the first glimpse of the Gharial and Lancer.


Although the General had gone into great lengths to oversee the restoration of the Sino-Russian alliance and a POW transfer as part of the alliance treaty, things didn't go smoothly as planned. Sometime after the events in Singapore, the General received word from his colleagues Reznov and Krukov where a Soviet agent in China discovered a secret weapons research facility in Xinjiang that are developing new technology based on their research on Volkov and Chitzkoi during their capture two years earlier, which is not disclosed during the negotiations.

The agent's report suggests that the technology, which is designed specifically to counter Yuri's mind control powers, had been worked on ever since the battle in Primorsky Krai where China's brilliant young scientist, Yunru, managed to capture Russia's cybernetic heroes and studied them. The Chinese cybernetic technology apparently had gone past the prototype stage and even some new weapons have been produced in limited numbers – they could have at least deployed it to defend the Sino-Russian negotiation in Singapore earlier, which would lessen the casualties on the Soviet side if they did.

These facts eventually made one thing clear: the Chinese think that the Russians have nothing to offer for them. The General was gravely concerned on this, because the Chinese might turn against the Russians as soon as Yuri is defeated and use their advanced army to accomplish what they have failed two years earlier. At worst, it could result in another vicious conflict and the Russians will lose their own land to the Chinese as soon as they reclaimed it. A small strike force was sent to help Reznov and Krukov destroy the facilities along with the prototypes to deny such advantages from the Chinese.


First assault

Gathering intelligence

Cleaning up


Chinese aspirations to create an army of cyborgs will be slowed down if not stopped completely, to our benefit. With new data acquired from this complex, thanks to Reznov and Krukov we set our eyes on a potential solution to our problem with Yuri.
- Battlefield report

The successful Xinjiang operation will at least ensure that China will have no technological superiority over the Soviets, with the data recovered from the facility may hold a solution for the ongoing conflict against Yuri.

Later, in a desperate need to acquire more advanced technologies from the Chinese to gain the upper hand, the Russians sets to acquire more of them under the guise of an Epsilon attack.




  • During the development of the mission, the original key targets were Industrial Plants. These were later replaced with Nanocentrifuges when the Foehn Revolt was introduced to the mod.
  • This mission is the first appearance of several prototype units of Foehn, including Heavy Trooper (prototype Knightframe) and a prototype of Gharial. (named as Enemy Vehicle here)
  • In the last part of this mission, the cyborg that escapes from the Kanegawa Industries facilities is actually a Lancer prototype.