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Suspecting the theft of their Stalin's Fist to be an inside job, the Russians have severely limited access to their weapons R&D. Without Soviet tech at their disposal, PsiCorps plots to steal older weapon designs to appropriate for themselves.
- Mission description

Human Shield is the fifth mission of the Epsilon Act One campaign.


Yuri appreciated his Proselyte's success in taking down the American fleet in the Bahamas, though he mentioned that things are not looking good for them. Despite the loss of fighting spirit of the Americans with many of them surrendering before the Soviets and the chaos in the American command following their president's assassination, the destruction of Chicago by a MIDAS rekindled their fury on the Soviet invaders.

Yuri is also facing problems of his own; while his psychic devices were flawless and its effectiveness was proven true to his expectations, the destruction of the Psychic Amplifier along with the city where it stands on diminishes Kremlin's trust on Yuri – some of the members of the Supreme Soviet even considering to shut down the PsiCorps for their failure. What's worse, the Soviet command took the "disappearance" of a Stalin's Fist prototype seriously and, suspecting that someone from within the Soviet chain of command is behind it, locks Yuri's access to the Soviet Weapons Protocol.

Fortunately Yuri did not mind such setbacks, for he had betting on other things – the Proselyte asks Yuri what could it be, but he said that the Proselyte will eventually know it. Rashidi and his Scorpion Cell are bringing their war of liberation against the Allies in Africa to full force, and the Soviet command are unaware of the PsiCorps' intervention. They even managed to pursue Rashidi with the prototype MCV he was working on, but he managed to escape. To support their fighting strength, the PsiCorps had to resort on "borrowing" old Soviet weapon designs to fulfill the need of tanks for their future army. The Proselyte noted that the Soviets currently believe that the Pacific Front is behind Stalin's Fist disappearance, and he just need to make them believe that way.

Thus, the Proselyte sends two of his PsiCorps Troopers to steal the weapon designs by using "persuaded" Allied spies to infiltrate Soviet War Factories in the warzone of Primorsk, Russia.


Expose the Allied Spies. Capture them. Use them. Infiltrate the Soviet War Factories. We need blueprints in order to construct weaponry of our own.
- Yuri


With your mission successfully carried out, the focus has shifted once again from our own agents to the Allied espionage teams. The weapon designs you have stolen will prove to be crucial in the development of our own army.
- Yuri's message

The successful false-flag operation managed to divert the Soviets' suspicion from the PsiCorps to the Allies, as Yuri and the Proselyte had hoped. The weapon designs he acquired from the operation proved to be valuable and eventually be put to good use by the PsiCorps.

However, the Proselyte cannot relax yet, as soon afterwards, a dire situation broke out; the Allies managed to recover and study the prototype MCV being developed for the PsiCorps!

Difficulty changes

  • On Easy difficulty, a veterancy crate can be found nearby the drop-off point of the PsiCorps Troopers.