The Hunter-Seeker is a support power used by the Pacific Front from their Robot Ops Control Center. It releases the namesake kamikaze drone which seeks a high-priority target and purposely crashes itself onto it, causing high damage, and also releasing a cryo payload in a large radius around the target area to deal as much damage as possible to nearby enemies.

An interesting quirk to note is that each Robot Ops Control Center present on the battlefield will release a Hunter-Seeker drone upon activation; the maximum limit of Hunter-Seeker drones that can be released at a time is five. This significantly improves the support power's potency – provided the commander is able to afford the additional cost and power to build and maintain the additional Robot Ops Control Centers.

They are also unaffected by the Blasticade.


  • The support power resembles the Hunter-Seeker from Tiberian Sun, but it can only release one drone at a time, and has more destructive power (in fact, the Tiberian Sun version is able to destroy even a Construction Yard in one explosion while Pacific Front's Hunter Seekers can only damage buildings moderately.)
  • During development for 3.3, there was originally a planned support power named "Tengu Strike" which is a quick anti-armor drone strike. The current Hunter-Seeker support power may have succeeded it.
  • The Hunter-Seeker Drones bear a resemblance to the Burst Drones fielded by the Empire of the Rising Sun in Red Alert 3.